Cuba’s upcoming magazines

From our friends at Guamá, a sneak peek at the new magazines the Castro dictatorship is planning on launching in the near future (my translation):

Tomorrow’s Magazines
In a preemptive display of iron will and in preparation for the 2nd phase of the Media War that is coming, the high command of the Department of Revolutionary Orientation already has prepared various publications that will compete with the new information mediums of the dissidence. Your Guamá newspaper had exclusive access to some of these publications that will be available on magazine racks in the country’s future and will delight both young and old revolutionaries.

MANUELA Magazine




Flyer BALITA “U”
More future magazines HERE.

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  1. On the cover of the Manuela magazine, it looks like a vintage picture of Ginger from Gilligans Island and on the magazine Que Bola, it looks like they are using a picture of an older Jose Canseco!!

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