“That Would Infringe” – UPDATED: Sen. Rubio Signs Filibuster Pledge

UPDATE: Rubio signs onto letter promising filibuster on gun control legislation

Below is an image copy of the letter Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio wrote and sent to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid regarding their strong defense of the Second Amendment…


More at Sen. Marco Rubio’s site here.

Recently the U.S. Senate voted down the United Nation’s Arms Trade Treaty. Oddly, the Obama/Holder deadly “Fast and Furious” gunwalker operation would have been a violation of that treaty … as would be the gunwalking the administration has been doing to Jihadist rebels in Syria.

Sen. Rand Paul, who just a few weeks ago gained public notice during his filibuster of Obama’s and the DOJ’s domestic drone program, is warning of strong opposition to the democrats’ and administration’s plans for new gun control legislation when the Congress returns to Washington D.C. next month. It’s quite possible we may see Sen. Paul and his fellow GOPers back on the floor of the Senate into the wee hours of the night.

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Footnote: Another idiotic move by the media, this time at the Des Moines Register, where they published an interactive map of which Iowa public schools do and/or do not have security at their campuses. The paper’s editor, Rick Green, says he had not seen the graphic prior to publishing, and explains how he “pulled it down and revised it upon seeing it”. What happened to the days when the draft ot the newspaper’s next addition crossed the editor’s desk for tweaking before being told “go to print”?

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