Dissident Cuban blogger an electrifying personality

Guillermo Martinez in the Sun-Sentinel:

Dissident Cuban blogger an electrifying personality

Guillermo I. MartinezCuban dissident blogger Yoani Sánchez’s incursion into Miami can only be compared to Julius Caesar’s invasion of Europe and Britain. Both came, saw and conquered. Caesar did so with weapons; Sánchez with words

A decade ago it would have been inconceivable for Sánchez to have traveled to Miami and be greeted by adoring exiles that see her as an unquestioned rock star who is slowly eroding the totalitarian regime of the Castro brothers.

Seeing her in person is an electrifying experience.

Her language is soft, melodious; she never loses her poise even when pro-Castro sympathizers ask her question full of innuendos. Monday night at Florida International University, one asked her if she did not enjoy privileges that other Cubans in the island don’t have. They pointed out she owned and lived in a nice home, and she had a smart phone.

The man asking the question did not give his name as others did. Yoani was ready. It is not the first time that she has been pressured by infiltrated agents of the Cuban regime.

Sánchez explained that her husband had worked for five years on a micro-brigade that helped build the building and then they had paid for it until it was theirs. Sánchez said she had a beautiful home because it was full of plants and freedom; that many dissidents gather at her house to talk about the work they are doing.

Sánchez does not mince words. She doesn’t insult anyone — she merely repeats that all she is seeking is freedom of expression for Cuba.

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