Do Jay-Z and Beyonce care about human rights in Cuba?

Guillermo Martinez in the Sun-Sentinel:

Do Jay-Z and Beyonce care about human rights in Cuba?

Guillermo I. MartinezThis is an open letter to Beyoncé and Jay-Z, pop music’s royal couple on their much publicized trip to Cuba to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.

No, I am not one who will question whether your trip to Cuba was legal or not, according to U.S. law. How one interprets the law that regulates the travel by Americans — approving cultural mission but prohibiting tourist travel — is a distinction without a difference.

I understand you could turn a glorious three-night vacation to Cuba with a “people to people” license granted by the Treasury Department and then make it into a cultural affair by spending a little time seeing a children’s dance troupe.

Mind you I am not a fan of your music. I am too old to appreciate the talent critics say you have and today’s youth applauds. But then, this is not about music but rather about civil rights, which the two of you defend with passion.

Where did the two of you leave your passion for the defense of civil rights for blacks and minorities during your trip to Cuba? Maybe you did something very privately to help the plight of black Cubans in the island.

Granted, I do not like, in fact I despise Fidel and Raúl Castro and what they have done to a country that more than five decades ago was misgoverned but still had one of the highest standards of living in the Western Hemisphere, outside of the United States and Canada.

The following, however, are facts:

Ms. Beyoncé and Jay-Z,

Do either of you know or have heard anything about Sonia Garro, a black Cuban woman who was arrested and has been held in prison for over a year because she demanded respect for human rights and the freedom to express her view? Garro hasn’t been charged with any crime yet, but she and her husband, also a black Cuban, have been behind bars since they were violently arrested. Have either of you bothered to ask your Cuban minders about Sonia Garro and her husband?

Or, did you read the op-ed article published in The New York Times by Roberto Zurbano on March 23, 2013?

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3 thoughts on “Do Jay-Z and Beyonce care about human rights in Cuba?”

  1. Do they care about human rights in Cuba? I have my doubts they really care about them here, except that it happens to be both de rigueur and beneficial (and I don’t mean in the sense of virtue being its own reward).

  2. But really, I’m starting to feel vaguely sorry for Be-Jay. Is it fair to expect so much from THEM? I mean, they’re sort of good cop/bad cop, except that it’s really good idiot/bad idiot (which doesn’t preclude their being savvy and effective in a very specific, particular niche, not unlike Rainman). Don’t hate me because I’m charitable, after a fashion.

  3. This is a most stupid question in a futile exercise: human rights, whhaaa dat??? Of course they don’t give a #$&*@! about anything but themselves; they probably didn’t even know where Cuba was located before they boarded the plane. And if they gave a damn about anything of consequence, they would (at minimum) had issued some lame statement, shallow as it would be, in support of freedom ….or anything remotely related to it. C’mon, with dozens of handlers, it’s not hard.
    Spare me – these people are vain, uninformed, self-absorbed celebrities who happen to have WHouse connections;they will never count for anything else in the annals of history. What a joke.

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