Louvre Museum under siege by pickpockets; needs to ask Castro Kingdom for advice


Aaahh. Mon Dieu.  These damn immigrants, ruining everything, everywhere.  Ingrates.

In a European socialist paradise, those in need are taken care of by the government, n’est ce pas?  And the needy from other countries are welcomed with open arms.  Then why do they turn around and spit in the stew?

Because European socialist utopias refuse to accept certain facts about human nature.

To add insult to their own injury, they also abide by a peculiar code of behavior that doesn’t allow them to offend certain ethnic groups.

Pickpocketing is an ancient crime that the Gypsies have turned into an art form.  They are the masters of the trade.   Oh, excuse me…. “Gypsy” is now an offensive term.    “Roma” is the correct term.   And it is the Roma who have turned the Louvre Museum into a giant ATM machine.

But the French news service AFP refuses to identify the real culprits.  Instead they call them “Eastern Europeans.”   Sacre Bleu…  so, to avoid offending one ethnic group, they tar a wide swath of the map with a broad brush.

If I were Russian, or Polish, I’d sue the bastards at AFP.  And then the next time, they won’t even be able to identify anyone at all as the culprit.

And if I were French, and a Socialist, I’d get myself some Cuban advisors.  Now, that’s a socialist paradise that knows how to handle hooligans.

So, sing along with Oliver Twist…. you unidentifiable ruffians….

When I see someone rich,
Both my thumbs start to itch
Only to find some peace of mind
We have to pick-a-pocket or two.

You’ve got to pick-a-pocket or two, boys
You’ve got to pick-a-pocket or two.

Louvre Museum Closes as Staff Protests Epidemic of Pickpocketing

April 10, 2013

The world’s most visited art museum is dealing with an influx of unwelcome visitors.

A staff walkout over the rise of pickpockets forced the Louvre in Paris to shut its doors Wednesday, Agence France-Presse reports.

Workers say that thieves have been showing up at the museum in gangs of up to 30 — primarily made up of young Eastern Europeans — and are responsible for incidents of “spitting, insults, threats” and striking employees and visitors.

Staffers “come to work afraid because they find themselves confronted with organized groups of pickpockets who are increasingly aggressive and which include children, who get into the museum free and even when taken in for questioning by police, come back a few days later,” Christelle Guyader, a representative for the network of trade unions Solidaires Unitaires Démocratiques (SUD), told the AFP.

The Louvre did request more police protection late last year and is planning to immediately increase law enforcement presence around the premises, as well as limit access to people already outed as pickpockets, a spokesperson for the museum told the AFP.

Last year, nearly 9.7 million people visited the landmark, best-known as the home of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

5 thoughts on “Louvre Museum under siege by pickpockets; needs to ask Castro Kingdom for advice”

  1. I feel bad for the French. So self-consciously chic and “sharp,” yet so ineffectual, not to say dysfunctional.

  2. They ought to come here illegally. They wouldn’t have to pick pockets or work or anything. they’d get all that they need with no effort.

  3. “But the French news service AFP refuses to identify the real culprits. Instead they call them “Eastern Europeans.” Sacre Bleu… so, to avoid offending one ethnic group, they tar a wide swath of the map with a broad brush.”

    The story behind the use of the word “hispanic” which has transmorphed throughout the years into “latinos” is that a chicano congressmen was able to past legislation back in the 70’s, so that the gov’t that used to identify Mexican-Americans by their national background, instead use the word “hispanic” since statistics were giving Mexican-Americans a bad name.

    So, in order to avoid offending chicanos, they now sully all Hispanics including Cubans. We’ve gone from being “Golden Exiles” to down-and-out brown people, we’ve gone from being overrepresented in the Ivy Leagues to being dropouts, we’ve gone from having a low juvenile delincuency level to being gangbangers, etc…

  4. These “Eastern European” immigrants are all over Paris and often follow you down the street. Women with babies, little kids with newspapers who approach, women picking up a fake gold ring and then offering to you for a small tip. Some of them are Romas (gypsies), some are from other countries. The kids are sent out by organized criminal gangs, as they are considered less likely to get attacked in return. Beware and don’t carry your original passport with you.

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