Being a “progressive” — let’s not beat around the bush: Marxists — requires a permanent state of mind that has to deal with unreality not known in the strangest works of science fiction.

The Gosnell trial in Philadelphia, for example, more horrible than the bloodiest horror movie you’ve ever seen, is an example of the mental compartmentalization that liberals and progressives have to create in their minds to deal with the evil they are a part of on a daily basis.

Psychopaths indeed.

During a recent Nevada Assembly Education Committee hearing, a liberal Democrat woman proudly announced she had an abortion when she was 16. In doing so, she reminded us that liberals are basically anti-social psychopaths.

A review of available literature shows that, as a group, liberal Democrats display a large number of personality traits found among those who have been clinically diagnosed as psychopaths.

While there are approximately 21 identified traits of a psychopath (and she might display even more of these benchmarks), Nevada Democrat Lucy Flores, who made that proclamation, is proudly devoid of regret over having murdered her baby through an induced abortion.

Flores’ actions and words suggest her personality includes the following dangerous traits as well. […]

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  1. In Cuba, an estimated 50% of all pregnancies wind up aborted, with the regime’s blessing. I remember being shocked to hear a recent arrival from Cuba say, without any prompting, that she’d had multiple abortions there. The most shocking part was that she said it as if she were talking about something quite trivial and routine, with no hint of any conflict of any kind–sort of like saying she’d taken some pills for a minor ailment.

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