Why Pick on Jay-Z? Meet Millionaire Venture Capitalist and Che Guevara idolizer John O’Farrell

I SWEAR I am NOT making up the following column by a Finance “Expert” in ultra capitalist Forbes magazine about an ultra-educated and ultra-capitalistic gentleman:

When I recently met up with (venture capitalist) Andreessen Horowitz’s partner John O’Farrell, I noticed something interesting on his office wall: a big picture of Che Guevara.….So when talking to John, we spent a lot of time on the topic of revolution — and how his portfolio companies are making a big difference…. we talked about was ItsOn, which is striving to radically change the whole concept of how people pay and use their mobile plan. It’s actually very Che-ian….Yes, it’s kind of a utopian world after all — and so expect lots of radical changes ahead. Oh, and it’s something Che somehow would have liked very much.

Your humble and hardworking servant fired off the following comment under the article:

Ignorance, I suppose, is bliss. Che Guevara would have sent someone like O’Farrell to the Cuban Gulag, a firing squad or into exile in a nanosecond, as he did to thousands of Cuban entrepreneurs. Che Guevara worshiped Stalin. As Cuba’s “Minister of Industries” Guevara outlawed private property and converted a nation with a higher standard of living than half of Europe into a Stalinist pesthole that repels Haitians. Please educate yourselves. A good place to start: http://www.hfontova.com/che.html

On this side of Alice’s Looking Glass, a columnist for ultra-capitalist Forbes writing about a forthcoming capitalist venture involving millions of $U.S. would not write: “and it’s something Che somehow would have liked very much.”

Should we really expect such as Jay-Z and Carlos Santana to know any better than John O’Farrell? Should we expect more sense from a rapper than from a venture capitalist?!!!…In fact Che iconography is much more common among the ultra (formally)”educated” than among the street-schooled.

The Finance “Expert” who claims that Che Guevara would “very much like” private-sector millionaire ventures.

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  1. NOTE that Forbes has many of these “contributors” who blog on their site. This is not the same as a column in their magazine. In fact I think any of us can apply for “contributor” status.

  2. Does Che look aberrant or what? Note the central depression in his forehead, the frontal bossing just above the eyebrows, the Eddie Munster hair triangle, and the distinctly malevolent facial expression. But yes, this triple-A (for asthmatic Argentinean asshole) psychopath was allowed to become a big shot in Cuba, who ordered (and sadistically enjoyed) numerous executions of CUBANS, among other crimes against OUR country. Maldito sea.

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