Have You Asked For #5Mins4Berta?

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Have You Asked For #5Mins4Berta?

With his new song “Open Letter,” rapper Jay-Z has made it clear that he’s not interested in lending a hand to Cuba’s imprisoned rappers.But there’s still hope for Beyonce.

So join the Twitter campaign: #5Mins4Berta

At the end of this month, the leader of the Ladies in White, Berta Soler, will be visiting the U.S.

The Ladies in White are a pro-democracy group composed of the mothers, wives, daughter, sisters and other relatives of Cuban political prisoners. Every Sunday they march through the streets of various Cuban cities — dressed in white — calling for freedom and democracy. They are constantly harassed, beaten and arrested by the Castro regime.

Ask Beyonce to take five minutes to meet with Berta Soler and to learn first-hand (since she didn’t do it in Cuba) what these courageous women risk and endure for human freedom.

Here’s a sample tweet:

@Beyonce should meet with @DamasdBlanco leader Berta Soler and support the same freedom of expression in #Cuba as in the US. #5mins4Berta

1 thought on “Have You Asked For #5Mins4Berta?”

  1. No. It’s bad enough that Soler had to plead (in vain) for a minute with the pope in Cuba. It’s beneath her dignity to run after some vapid celebrity bimbo–both demeaning and pointless. Who the hell is Beyoncé, anyway, in real terms, and what does she matter? Let Soler spend her time more appropriately and profitably, with people who can make a difference or at least appreciate her worth and her struggle. Enough of these show biz cretins; let them slobber over each other and be done with them. They already get WAY too much attention and are WAY too full of themselves. We have far better things to do than to feed their delusions of importance.

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