Venezuela is screwed, castro is saved

Capriles loses. By a very small margin, but “lost” he did…

Nicolas Maduro, a former bus driver who became Hugo Chavez’s protege, narrowly won Venezuela’s presidential election on Sunday, the electoral authority said, allowing him to continue the socialist policies of his late predecessor.

Supporters let off fireworks in celebration while opposition backers banged pots and pans in protest after officials said Maduro won 50.7 percent of votes, compared to 49.1 percent for his rival, Henrique Capriles, the governor of Miranda state.

The National Electoral Council said more than 99 percent of the ballots had been counted and the result was “irreversible.”

A little-known union activist before becoming a lawmaker and Chavez confidante from the early 1990s, Maduro will now lead the nation with the world’s biggest oil reserves for the next six years.

Chavez, who ruled for 14 years, anointed Maduro as his political heir in his last speech to the country before succumbing to cancer on March 5.

That gave the former vice president and foreign minister a huge advantage but Capriles narrowed the gap in the final days of the campaign and the result was much closer than many had expected.

“The fight continues!” Maduro, 50, told a victory rally. […]

4 thoughts on “Venezuela is screwed, castro is saved”

  1. This is Charlie Brown, Lucy and the football once again, as it will continue to be. The system (electoral and otherwise) is rigged. The only entity that could cut the Gordian knot is the army, and it’s been bought and paid for. Even if Capriles won by a narrow margin, like Bush over Gore, the chances of getting a fair recount are nil. That’s why the electoral council, which is also in the bag, said “irreversible.” Just like socialism in Cuba, remember?

  2. All 50.7% and “irreversible” tells me is that the man lost, and lost in such a way that they don’t even dare to claim a coincidental 51% like they did with Chavez some years ago (much less go over it).

  3. Ditto asombra,

    How idiotic and stupid for the Venezuelan opposition to think that they were involved in a clean and fair election to decide their country’s future. Still after fifteen years of Communist Chavism they still don’t understand the type of system imposed on them.

    They have no other choice than to revolt and die for their freedom, and sincerely I don’t think they have the balls for that.

    I laugh now more that ever when they told us that what happened to Cuba it could never happen to them.

    What a bunch of Latrine stupid idiots. In a way they deserve what they have for being such imbeciles…

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