Pitbull’s “Homeboy”Jay-Z disses him back BIG-TIME! (hails cop-killer Assata Shakur!)

Sic HIM AGAIN PITBULL!!!…looks like he’s running scared!

Actually Jay-Z got his buddy Common to add some verses to his spanking new Open Letter Part II.

My man went to Cuba
Caught in a political triangle, Bermuda
The same way they said she was the shooter
Assata Shakur, they tried to execute her
I went to Cuba to see her
We should free her, like we should Mumia

Assata Shakur, btw, refers to fugitive U.S. cop-killer Joan Chesimard, who lives the life of Riley in Castro’s fiefdom.


(Bueno y alguien me pudiera explicar como estas comemierderias entre estos dos payasos son el asunto Cubano-Americano mas importante de la hora!…pues entonces SI que estamos bien J*DIDOS!)

10 thoughts on “Pitbull’s “Homeboy”Jay-Z disses him back BIG-TIME! (hails cop-killer Assata Shakur!)”

  1. Oooh, Assata Shakur…how very, you know, radical and shit, I mean radical and chic. You can score big points with that, at least in certain circles. Would Jay-Z’s friend Barack care to comment? No? Well, he must be terribly busy with the Boston thing, after all. But I’m sure he’ll comment eventually. Or not.

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