Marco Rubio corrected by The Miami Herald and The Tampa Bay Times: “Che Guevara was NOT a Racist!”

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These newspapers, you see, checked with “experts” on the matter. Unreported in these august newspapers’ “scoop” is that they procured this valued verification from the good word of “experts” who also happen to be Castro-regime agents of influence. To wit:

From the Tampa Bay Times PoliFact (also parroted by the Miami Herald’s Naked Politics):

The Republican Party star (Marco Rubio) appeared on seven Sunday talk shows in a single day this week..PolitiFact checked out a couple of his recent statements. On ABC’s This Week, Rubio had some criticism for rapper Jay-Z.

“One of his heroes is Ché Guevara. Ché Guevara was a racist. Ché Guevara was a racist that wrote extensively about the superiority of white Europeans over people of African descent. So he should inform himself on the guy that he’s propping up.”

“Mostly False.” concludes PoliFact (as parroted by the Miami Herald.)

PoliFacts, you see, interviews several–in their own words–“experts” on the matter. To wit:

Experts on Guevara’s words: We interviewed two authors who wrote books about Guevara: Jon Lee Anderson, a staff writer for the New Yorker, who wrote Ché Guevara: A Revolutionary Life, and New York University professor Jorge Castañeda, author of Compañero: The Life and Death of Ché Guevara.

A coupla items regarding these “Expert” sources, “sidestepped” by The Tampa Bay Times and The Miami Herald:

A.) Jon Lee Anderson wrote his Che; A Revolutionary Life book while living in Cuba with the full co-operation of the Castro regime’s propaganda ministry. In his book’s acknowledgements Anderson thanks Castro’s propaganda ministry for their help.

B.) Jorge Castaneda served as a Castro-regime intelligence agent from 1979-85, as reported in an investigative report by a major Mexican newspaper.

Next up from “PoliFacts: “Jewish Holocaust a Zionist Hoax!–we queried German history “experts,” Ezra Pound and Lord Haw-Haw for careful verification of these allegations.”

BTW, your humble and hardworking servant here was contacted by the AP to comment on this “Che Racist” thing. They heard that the charge originated in my book and issues mostly from my writings. “Would I have 10 minutes to discuss the matter with them by phone?”

I replied that I would be delighted to do so, that my charge issued not only from Che’s words but from his actions. I would be delighted to provide–not only meticulously- documented quotes— but also meticulously-documented proof from his actions, as provided by eye-witnesses. I also provided two different phone numbers to make sure the (Havana-Bureau accredited) AP could reach me…

But a day later–regarding AP’s answer–I’m forced to quote Phil Collins: “No Reply at All?…No Reply At All…?”


4 thoughts on “Marco Rubio corrected by The Miami Herald and The Tampa Bay Times: <em>“Che Guevara was NOT a Racist!” </em>”

  1. As usual, PoliFact parses their statement to assign a “finding” of falsehood as it benefits their point of view.

    If you read the entire PoliFact “report” (I highly recommend that you do so on an empty stomach), you will see what it was that they found to be “mostly false”:

    “Experts said it was an exaggeration to suggest Guevara wrote “extensively” about racial superiority.”

    So, they dismissed Guevara’s blatant racism based on two factors:

    1. Guevara’s statements about blacks were “stereotypical of white, especially Argentine, arrogance and condescension.” Translation… it’s not that he wasn’t a racist POS, it’s that ALL white Argentinians tended to be condescending, arrogant racist POS.

    2. He only made a few racists statements, and leftist icons get to make dozens (if not hundreds) of racists statements before racism may be suspected (see Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W Va).

  2. Of course Che wasn’t racist. Just like Fidel wasn’t homophobic. It was just a historical thing. That’s why we shouldn’t keep harping on those UMAP concentration camps that gays were herded into, and whose motto was “Work will make men out of you.” After all, in those days, anybody who had enough power would have done the same thing, right? Just ask Mariela. Oh, wait, she said Fidel didn’t even know about the camps, because he was so busy defending the revolution and stuff. See? You just have to put things in the proper perspective. Of course, this would mean that slave owners in the antebellum South weren’t racist, either, because they were just doing something normal in that time and place. Let’s ask the folks at MSNBC to confirm that interpretation, shall we?

  3. And btw, Che looked down his nose at anybody who wasn’t of pure European stock, including the “brown” people who now go by “Latino” and treat Che like a saint anyway. To him, such people were meant to be servants, like the young house maid he once grabbed (in front of a male friend of his), threw on a table, and proceeded to screw furiously in the same amount of time it would have taken him to jerk off. But that wasn’t rape and he wasn’t a sexist pig or anything; that was just the done thing in his milieu. He really respected that house maid and wanted to, you know, liberate her and stuff, but she did have her proper function, after all, and he was just putting her to it.

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