Cuba’s ‘Virtual Pharmacy’

The reforms of Cuban dictator Raul Castro have been monumental indeed, but not for the Cuban people. Desperately trying to find ways to survive, Cuba’s five-century-long monarchical dictatorship is struggling to find new ways to generate much-needed revenue to maintain power and feed their machine of repression. Therefore, the so-called reforms taking place in Cuba are in reality designed to bolster and promote the Cuban dictatorship.

Their latest ploy involves a “virtual pharmacy” designed exclusively for foreign medical tourists. In a country where the typical citizen has no access to the internet, where pharmacy shelves are mostly empty, and aspirin is considered a valuable and rare commodity, this latest plan goes far beyond ridiculous.

From the Cuban state-run propaganda publication Prensa Latina*:

Cuba: Virtual Pharmacy Backs Placental Histotherapy Center Service

The Placental Histotherapy Center is a Cuban health institution dedicated to the research and application of medicines and cosmetics extracted from human placenta that are under design and programming of a virtual pharmacy.

The objective of this work is to ensure the sale of medicines to foreign patients previously treated in the clinical service of the entity, through e-mails, and ensure the continuity of treatments, its director Dr. Ernesto Miyares Diaz told the press.

The proper use and control of the products is taken into account for the request and delivery of orders and a way for payment will be used to enable the safety of transactions for both parties, Miyares said.

The implementation of this pharmacy joins to the varied offer of services the institution gives, among them queries on dermatology, psychiatry and complementary examinations, the expert said during the 3rd International Placental Histotherapy Seminar that ends today, after three days session.

While foreign tourists are offered the latest medications via the internet, Cubans are left with no online access and pharmacies that look like this:


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