Gotcha! Suspect in Boston bombing captured alive.


In case you haven’t been glued to the television for the past two hours:

Bombing suspect in custody in Watertown….

caught hiding in a shrink-wrapped boat, after homeowner finds blood on the premises and phones police.

From The Boston Globe:

WATERTOWN — The man that police believe is responsible for placing the bombs that struck the Boston Marathon on Monday, killing 3 and injuring more than 170, is in custody after a standoff lasting nearly two hours in Watertown.

Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, was taken into custody shortly before 8:45 p.m.

“They got him. He’s in custody,” a state trooper told the media gathered in the neighborhood. A crowd of onlookers broke into applause.

Tsarnaev had been pinned down in a boat in the backyard of a home in Watertown, just outside the city. He was rushed to a local hospital.

Officers are acting with caution because they remain concerned that the suspect might be wearing a suicide bomb vest, the source said.

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3 thoughts on “Gotcha! Suspect in Boston bombing captured alive.”

  1. If you read Yahoo news or any other msm report you will find “histories” of the suspects. There is dismay that someone who came to America to escape tyranny elsewhere and was educated in our schools and totally integrated here would turn on America. Where have these people been who are doing this reporting that they are still dismayed by this? Do they not read Mark Steyn and others who have been describing this? And why this perennial need to understand what motivated those who would do this evil deed?

    If we understood and accepted that we are at war, and that this is not a police problem, people who do this would not be treated with kid gloves. This is an act of war as far as I am concerned. Let’s see how much information they get out of this suspect. Call me dubious.

    Is it my imagination or was Obama looking irritated and distracted when he read his speech about this? He seemed unable to have anything to say from the heart. He is probably annoyed that now he can’t occupy himself with forcing strong gun control on us or whatever. Now he has to make speeches and look interested. Call me skeptical about his sincerity here.

    In a climate where many are enjoying tearing down our constitution and denigrating the greatness of the U.S. it was heartening to see students chanting U.S.A.

    Let us pray for the victims of this evil and for their families.

  2. Honey, the “How can this be?” types aren’t naive, just making a show of PC “impartiality.” They know what’s behind this sort of act as well as you do.

  3. Indeed Honey, of all the people that spoke last night the fraud in chief was, again, the most unnatural, measured, conceited, and hollow in delivery. Had it not been for the fact that someone else in the room wanted to hear what he had to say I would have not bothered hearing the predictably empty and shameless fluff which always comes accompanied by some leftist kindergarden lecture of tolerance. All with the intent of covering the sun with one finger for the sake of their culture destroying agenda and the rhetoric that is already in print (primarily intended for the very morons that elected him).

    Rest assure, had the perpetuator been some “right-winger” the speech would have been twice as long and not that much about tolerance but about national reflection and collective call for action.

    And yes Asombra, there is NOTHING to be in dismay or surprised about. The American media is simply playing stupid on camera to not go against their own bullshit and that of their messiah. Homegrown islamic terrorism by those of foreign origin and the non-integration of islamics in western culture is nothing new. I myself had an islamic classmate, born in USA and with whom I laughed and shared, who is today serving a life sentence (among six or seven others just like him) for terrorism in what resulted in a failed plot.

    That said, I have never seen so many muslims in American streets as I have in resent years. There isn’t, almost never, an occasion where I go out without seeing a veiled woman when only a few years ago it took an entire year to spot only six or seven. They are being allowed in like never before and I really don’t think that the decision is rooted in innocence and naiveness. Let’s start with the reality that USA does not need these people, THEY need USA. Secondly, neither are they part of our history and culture to be warranting any sympathy given the cultural pest and moronic liability they ultimately are as group, here, there, and everywhere.

    When even India, a highly populated nation, decided that loosing land was worth it to rid themselves of these people (the creation of Pakistan) don’t shamelessly preach to me about “spirit”, “tolerance”, and “multiculturalism” like some sanctimonious or naive idiot (go talk to them about it to see what you will get). Even in a nation like Lebanon (one degraded and massacred by muslims) where the language is the same, everyone is Lebanese, and christians and muslims are divided at around 50/50 the marriage among the two is extremely low; thus, don’t talk to me about integration and melting pot either, for it does not apply and they know it.

    I wonder how many more stupid, shameless, and romantic talks of “tolerance” this dumb nation is willing to take, by dishonest, destructive, and utilitarian elements, regarding islamics, all to continue getting more of the same, before it realizes that the bouncer at the door is either one of them or simply a sympathizing shit-head with no respect for the discotheque, nor clients, he says to work for. But hey, this population had no care that all of the messiah’s friends and mentors are communists, so maybe I am asking too much of them and maybe the morons are indeed surprised that the islamic kids put a bomb despite that they liked Snoop Dogg, Hamburgers, Coca-Cola, and above all after having an Obama for president (leftists would understand if a Republican was in power, you know. Wait, are we sure their behavior is not Busch’s fault too?).

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