Cubanization process intensifies in Caracastan

Chavistas in Venenozuela are pushing hard against their opponents, hardening their grip on the nation, employing tactics familiar to anyone who knows how things work in the Castro Kingdom.

Two reports in Spain’s ABC shed light on this Cubanization process.

Henri Falcon (r) campaigning with Henrique Capriles
Henri Falcon (r) campaigning with Henrique Capriles

First, a provincial governor who dares to oppose the Chavistas — and worked for Henrique Capriles’s presidential campaign– complains that he has received over 400 death threats.  Henri Falcón, governor of the northeastern state of Lara revealed that most of these threats were made on election day, and that he recorded some of them, including one from an easily identifiable government official:   “We know where you live, and we are going to kill you.”  Falcón includes pseudo-president Maduro among those responsible for this turn of events, for at one point during the brief presidential campaign he issued a veiled threat, pointing out Falcón’s address in a speech and saying to all of Venenozuela, “There it is, Henri’s house.”

Read the full story HERE, in Spanish.


The second report is more alarming: all of Venenozuela’s power plants are being turned over to the military, under the pretense that such a move is needed for security reasons, to prevent sabotage by the opposition.  This move also hints at a shakeup in the government as well, perhaps also a power struggle (no pun intended).   Venenozuela’s power plants and electrical grid were nationalized by Hugo Chavez, and the man who had been running this enterprise was none other than Hugo’s brother, Argenis Chavez.   Yesterday, Argenis stepped down from his position — or was removed — to ensure the full militarization of the country’s electrical system.   This change in leadership has been given an appropriate Soviet-style name:  The Great Electrical Mission.   As all real Cuba experts know, in the Castro Kingdom absolutely everything is run by the military, and the generals don’t even make much of an effort to hide behind the veils of the so-called “ministries” they command with absolute authority.

Read the full story HERE, in Spanish.

9 thoughts on “Cubanization process intensifies in Caracastan”

  1. Make no mistake about it, all these things are happening in Venezuela because the opposition there does not have the courage to fight for freedom, period.

    Starting with Capriles who does not have the balls to confront the Chavistas.

  2. Capriles has huge balls to do what he’s doing and saying. He’s been risking his own life for weeks at those enormous rallies. He’s reluctant to call for a mass oppostion protest because he knows full well the blood shed that will occur, it’s not because he lacks courage. Yes, it seems he’s jumping thru hoops and at times falling right into the chavista’s traps but I think he’s saving his best play for last in this dangerous chess game. Maduro’s govt won’t last with the support he lacks, given he’s on shaky legitimate ground as is. I have nothing but respect for Capriles and hope all his efforts pay off at the end.

  3. Face it, Capriles has no balls, so the rest of the Venezuelan opposition, period!

    They are a bunch of pendejos that talk too much but have no freaking balls to fight and die for their freedom and country.

    They fool themselves (and their followers) thinking that there is a democratic process in Venezuela that does not exists. Now reality has finally hit home and still don’t have the freaking balls to fight.

    There is no other choice in Venezuela than to start an armed revolt. Now they have to shed their blood if they want to be free, face this fact and stop ignoring the obvious.

    The Venezuelans brought all this to themselves for been so stubbornly stupid. We Cuban-Americans told them very clearly what it was coming to them back in 1998 and continued telling them after to no avail.

    Capriles does not have what it takes to unseat Maduro and the Chavistas.

    It pains me to say this painful truth, the Chavistas have more balls to fight for their cause than Capriles and the rest of the Venezuelan opposition do. That’s why the Chavistas stole the election and still control Venezuela because they know very well that the Venezuelan opposition is all talk and no freaking action and no balls.

    Stop living in the denial of the fantasy world and smell reality for a change…

  4. Everyone who got all bent out of shape over the Zelaya and Honduras should be livid over Venezuela now, but of course they’re not, because it’s not Pinochet or Fujimori stealing an election. In other words, pretty much everybody’s full of shit, which is completely “normal,” as we Cubans know too well. Capriles is no great leader, but next to a dopey moron like Maduro, he looks pretty good–and let’s face it, great leaders are always the exception, everywhere, let alone in Latrine America.

  5. @FFC
    What Capriles is doing right now is his smartest play. Which is to expose, not only to the world but to the chavistas themselves that the elections were a fraud. The CNE and TSJ silence and recent statements are making the case for him. Once he accomplishes this, with the limited options available to him under a one party system, more chavistas (asides from the 1 million or so that already switched sides which the CNE was forced to admit) will make his support even stronger and Maduro’s weaker. Then and only then will the time come to call for a mass protest. Which I know is his last play and will happen soon, but he shouldn’t do it prior to taking the steps he’s taking now.

  6. mcse72,

    I wish to have the faith you have in Capriles and the Venezuelan opposition but my instincts (and reality) tell me better.

    The fact that for so many years the Venezuelan opposition has participated in these rigged elections thinking that they can get to power speaks volumes about their stupidity.

    The world won’t give two shits about Venezuela and their rigged elections because the world today lacks strong leaders with principles.

    You must face the reality that the Venezuelan opposition don’t have what it takes to take power in the country because they are not willing to die for their Venezuela. The Chavistas will use the Army and their Bolivarian militias to repress the people very much like is happening in Syria today. I doubt the opposition leaders will have the balls to take up arms against the Army and the Bolivarian militias in the same fashion as the Syrian fighters are taking Assad now.

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