FSU Op-Ed: Ladies in White walk for freedom

More hopeful evidence that not everyone on our college campuses is completely ignorant of the situation in Cuba.

Carolina Gonzalez in FSUNews’ FSViews:

Ladies in White walk for freedom

Female Cuban activists demand changes from communist government

Every Sunday, a group of women accumulate in Havana, Cuba, to peacefully march for the incarceration of their fathers, husbands and sons. Silently they proceed to recognize the injustices of the Cuban government. These women are the iconic Ladies in White, who were founded by the family members and friends of 75 Cuban dissidents imprisoned in 2003. Their name is stemmed from the white clothing they wear representing their acts of peaceful opposition.

The women are continuously disbanded, but remain defiant in the ongoing struggle for human rights. All 75 men were eventually released after many human rights convictions against the Cuban government. Although the 75 men were released, it has not stopped the government from punishing other Cuban activists in recent years.


At some point, the Cuban people have said enough is enough. It is as though there are no longer anymore options but to defend what is right. Every step and every word paves the way to a free Cuba. It is crucial to cover these stories so one does not forget the realities of living in an oppressed country.

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