Journalism rescued from imminent collapse


Thank God!  Just when you thought journalism had gone to the dogs, two of the most repressive regimes on earth come to the rescue…

As everyone in the world knows, the very best journalists who have ever lived were produced by the Soviet Union.   So, thank God twice over: Belarus is there to carry on the tradition, with the help of Soviet-trained Cubans.  As one of the Cubans involved points out: “journalism and diplomacy have a lot in common.”  Yes, sir, especially when journalism is a branch of the government.

Now, go enjoy yourself, knowing that great journalism has been rescued from extinction.  Chances are that the U.S. mainstream media — with MSNBC leading the way — will eventually join this glorious venture.

From the Belarussian Telegraph Agency (National Source for News)

Cuban Journalism Expert Alfredo Nieves Portuondo
Cuban Journalism Expert Alfredo Nieves Portuondo

Cuba, Belarus launch mutual on-the-job training program for journalists

26.04.2013 10:14

MINSK, 26 April (BelTA) – Cuba and Belarus plan to launch a program of mutual on-the-job training for journalists, First Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Union of Journalists Vadim Gigin said at a solemn meeting dedicated to the Cuban mass media at the Minsk House of the Press on 25 April.

The program will be run by the Belarusian Union of Journalists and the analogous organization in Cuba.

Apart from that, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Cuba to Belarus Alfredo Nieves Portuondo has become a member of the Belarusian Union of Journalists. Vadim Gigin presented the diplomat with the membership identification card during the event at the House of the Press.

“For me it is a great honor. I graduated from the Higher Military and Political College in Lviv,” the Cuban Ambassador said. He also noted that he learnt a lot from the Soviet journalism then. After graduating the university Alfredo Nieves Portuondo worked with Cuban printed press, at the radio and as a military journalist. According to the Ambassador, journalism and diplomacy have a lot in common. He also expressed confidence that the Belarusian media would pay more attention to the Cuban theme. The diplomat thanked the Belarusian side, including the Information Ministry, for fruitful cooperation.

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  1. Yeah, Asombra…. you’re right. But, as we both know, the NYT is merely a Pravda knock-off and a Granma wannabe. Most of the NYT journalists think very highly of themselves are sorely lacking in nihilistic self-loathing and the cynicism that Soviet-style journalism requires of its brightest stars.

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