Cuba opposition leader Rosa Maria Paya threatened with imprisonment

One way to tell that the work done by Cuban opposition leader Rosa Maria Paya was effective is to examine the reaction by the Castro dictatorship and its operatives. Upon her arrival back home after a world tour where Ms. Paya totally exposed the atrocities and repression of the Castro dictatorship, an official government website has already threatened the intrepid human rights activist with imprisonment and State Security has set up surveillance of her residence.

Via Uncommon Sense:

Rosa Maria Paya, you have the Castro dictatorship’s attention

To determine whether the Castro regime was paying attention while Rosa Maria Paya was traveling through Europe and the United States to demand an international investigation of her father’s death last year, all she has to do is look out the front door of her Havana home:

RosaHouse Cuban police harass democracy activists outside Rosa Maria Paya’s house earlier this week. (Photo via Facebook from Christian Liberation Movement.)

Or she can log on to the Internet and read the official Castro government blog that warns Paya that she could be prosecuted and jailed for making “false accusations” about her father’s death. (We don’t link to the official Castro media, but you can read more about the post at the Spain-based Punt de Vista blog.)

Via Facebook, the Christian Liberation Movement, which was founded by Oswaldo Paya, said Rosa and her mother Ofelia Acevedo are thankful for the support and concern in the wake of the threat.

“They know this kind of ‘pamphlet’ the habitual fear the regime and its accomplices use, but they also remember that this type of warning was always used against Oswaldo Paya,” the statement read.

Oswaldo Paya never gave into fear, and I suspect Rosa won’t either.

But the anonymous threat is enough evidence to worry about her and her family’s safety.

The best thing you can do to protect her is to spread the word about her campaign — and the Castro dictatorship’s effort to silence her.

RosaMeRosa Maria Paya and the author, Hialeah, Fla., April 12, 2013. (Photo: Uncommon Sense)

2 thoughts on “Cuba opposition leader Rosa Maria Paya threatened with imprisonment”

  1. I wonder if we would be under the U.S. Constitution now if the colonists would’ve just simply resorted to peaceful “opposition”?

  2. She seems like a very sweet girl who believes her father was on the right track, and openly accusing Castro, Inc. of murder and calling for international intervention is braver and riskier than what YS has done, but I’m afraid her father was not on the right track, no matter how much he believed in what he was doing. It’s not just that the Castro regime is NOT the British Raj, but that the Cuban people have become deformed and debased by half a century of exposure to what amounts to highly toxic levels of radiation–which also did NOT happen in colonial India (or colonial Cuba, for that matter). All forms of oppression are not the same and do not have the same effects, just like all cancers are not the same. Cuba, unfortunately, has a very bad cancer, and only radical therapy is likely to overcome it.

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