Viceroy Maduro swears fealty to his supreme overlord King Raul

Oye, Madurito, mira, presta atencion: si quieres mearte en los pantalones sin que nadie se de cuenta, fijate como yo lo hago.

Nicolas Maduro has gone to Havana, to swear his fealty to King Raul.

The Viceroy’s narrow win in the recent Venenozuelan election — despite monumental efforts to tamper with the votes in Maduro’s favor — has left the King of Cubazuela somewhat shaken.   Whether or not a severe penance will be imposed on Maduro, the Ripe One, remains to be seen.

What seems very clear at this point is this:  Maduro’s fidelity (pun intended) will ensure the survival of  the hegemonic colonial power of the Castro Kingdom, thanks to the free petroleum provided by its subaltern colony, the Viceroyalty of Venenozuela.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Venezuela’s New Leader Visits Cuba, Meets With Castro

CARACAS—Nicolás Maduro met with former Cuban President Fidel Castro in Havana on Saturday, an indication Venezuela’s new president will maintain the same close relations with the Communist island nation as that of his predecessor Hugo Chávez, who died last month after a battle with cancer.

“We were with Fidel for five hours, remembering the giant [Mr. Chávez],” said Mr. Maduro, 50 years old, on his official Twitter account.

Mr. Maduro was sworn into office April 19 in Caracas after narrowly defeating opposition candidate Henrique Capriles in a quickly organized election following the death of Mr. Chávez, who led Venezuela for 14 years. Mr. Capriles says election fraud may have been committed and has demanded a recount of the ballots, but election authorities have resisted a broad re-examination of the results.

Before leaving Venezuela for Havana, Mr. Maduro said the official visit to Cuba was aimed at creating a “strategic alliance” for what Mr. Maduro said would be a “new phase” of cooperation between Venezuela and Cuba in areas such as education and health.

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  1. The photo might as well be that of an overgrown child and an old pedophile. You can practically see the old creep licking his chops in anticipation of having his way with the kid. And make no mistake, Castro, Inc. owns Maduro, and he will be even more dependent on Havana than Hugo was. He’s too much of a moron to fly solo, and what little IQ he has is enough to tell him he needs all the “support” he can get.

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