Viceroy Maduro fined only one billion dollars for his mishandling of the “election” in Caracastan

... y la multa que te pongo, comemierda, es un billon de dolares...
… y la multa que te pongo, comemierda, es un billon de dolares…

It’s official: The vassal state of Caracastan is going to pay the King of Cubazuela in Havana a hefty bundle of  petrodollars in exchange for the services of thousands of  inferior physicians and all sorts of  crafty “advisers.”   In other words, Viceroy Maduro just agreed to pay his overlord a hefty fine.

Viceroy Maduro’s oath of fealty has been sealed.  His vassal state will continue to keep the Castro Kingdom afloat, and no official penance or fine  -other than the billion dollars levied on his fiefdom– seems to have been imposed on the Viceroy for his poor handling of the recent “election” in Venenozuela.

You have to hand it to the wily Gallego who became King of Cubazuela when his older brother was disemboweled by surgeons nearly seven years ago.  King Raul sure knows how to deal with his bumbling vassals.  And Viceroy Maduro sure knows how to kiss the Royal derriere.

King Raul gets to send even more of his knights into Maduro’s fiefdom, at a high price, and Maduro gladly shells out the petrodollars in exchange for the protection those knights offer him.   And the end result is this: King Raul tightens his grip on his throne and on all of Cubazuela.

Viceroy Maduro looked overjoyed after his meeting with King Raul.  And the King… well… the King knows it is good to be the King.


Venezuela signs $1 billion agreement with Cuba

Havana -Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro wrapped up a two-day visit to Cuba late on Sunday in which the two allies reaffirmed their strategic alliance, signing $1bn in co-operation agreements.

The visit, which came just two weeks after Maduro’s election to replace the late Hugo Chavez, was hailed as great success by state media, which said it will help Havana and Caracas “strengthen our union.”

The two countries said they signed 51 agreements encompassing health, education, transportation, sports, energy and special “social missions”.

Maduro, before he departed the island, hailed his nation’s relationship with Cuba as “a strategic alliance that transcends the times; more than an alliance, it is a brotherhood”.

Cuba is only the second country Maduro has visited since his 14 April election victory.

Maduro held talks with President Raul Castro, who reaffirmed Cuba’s “unyielding will to continue co-operation in solidarity with Venezuela, determined to share our fate with the heroic Venezuelan people”.

He also held a separate, five-hour meeting with Fidel Castro, aged 86, the retired leader of the Cuban revolution, who paid homage to his dear friend Chavez and the alliance that the two nations forged in October 2002.

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  1. Any Venezuelans who aren’t deeply ashamed their country is feeding a foreign parasite deserve to be fed upon.

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