If they can’t beat the opposition in Cuba, the dictatorship will try to buy them

The Castro dictatorship in Cuba has tried everything to rid itself of the opposition. They have beaten them, arrested them, imprisoned them, tortured them, forcibly exiled them, and even murdered them. Still, not only can they not get rid of them, the opposition continues to grow with each passing day.

So, when the regime cannot beat them (both literally and figuratively), they try to buy them.

Via Punt de Vista (my translation):

Regime offers dissident a 300 CUC salary to become an informant

Through agents of State Security, the regime in Havana has offered a salary of 300 convertible pesos (CUC) to a dissident in Manzanillo, Granma if she would become an informant, the woman herself denounced. The report comes from the Cuban Network of Community Communicators led by Martha Beatriz Roque. She was informed her mission was to pass on information regarding the activities of the opposition.

According to Yusneidis Nuñez, who is 24, she was called into a meeting by an agent of State Security who promised her a salary in hard currency as well as other privileges. He also told her that the Refugee Department of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana had been infiltrated by agents and they could make it easier for her to travel to the U.S. so she could infiltrate groups there.

Nuñez refused to cooperate with State Security and has decided to publicly tell her story due to the harassment she is currently subjected to after refusing to cooperate.

3 thoughts on “If they can’t beat the opposition in Cuba, the dictatorship will try to buy them”

  1. See these “milicianos”? If and when the game ends, they’ll morph into “freedom fighters” or “deceived” victims who were “confused” or “manipulated.” Wait for it.

  2. She should’ve taken them up on the offer and become a ‘double-agent’ for the opposition. Until you start fighting fire with ‘fire’, you won’t be able to defeat these vermin.

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