Why can’t we vacation in Cuba?

Al Cardenas answers the question in Human Events:

Why can’t we vacation in Cuba? Because it’s a terror state

Why can't we vacation in Cuba? Because it's a terror state

As an attendee at this weekend’s White House Correspondents Dinner, it struck me that I agree with the president. At least on one issue. Rapper Jay-Z’s recent decision to visit Cuba is a problem. Jay-Z and wife Beyoncé traveled to Cuba to celebrate (in their words) their fifth wedding anniversary in spite of a U.S. tourist ban.  Many of my friends on the right ask: “Why can’t Americans travel to any country they wish to? Why can we go as tourists to China but not Cuba?”

It’s for the same reason we can’t go to North Korea or Iran: Cuba is a terrorist nation. China didn’t seize our assets or deploy nuclear weapons 90 miles off our coast. Cuba continues to actively promote hostility towards the U.S. in our hemisphere and our tourist dollars help prop up the Castro regime and prolong the agony of 11 million people.

U.S.-Cuba relations since 1959 have gone from strained to severe, to the closest we have ever come to nuclear Armageddon. Its always included provocations on Castro’s end of one degree or another and periodic rapprochements have been a colossal waste of time — except for an immigration accord which most Cuban exiles consider unwise.

The Castro brothers remain the longest lasting living dictators in the world — 54 years and counting. So far they have survived nine U.S. presidents, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the death of Hugo Chavez. According to them they have also survived numerous death plots emanating from the U.S., the failed Bay of Pigs invasion as well as the Kennedy/Khrushchev stare down in the 1962 October missile crisis.

At the beginning of their reign of terror they executed thousands of freedom-loving patriots, confiscated (without compensation) all private property in the island — including billions of dollars of U.S.-owned assets — and launched the “Mariel boat exodus” during president Jimmy Carter’s tenure, releasing tens of thousands of Cubans from criminal jails and mental institutions and sending them over by boats to Miami and surrounding areas. Let’s not forget the downing of small private single engine planes killing in cold blood four American citizens during president Bill Clinton’s administration. To this day, they jail thousands of patriotic Cubans, including the well-known “Ladies in White,” whose only provocation has been to peacefully voice their objections to the treatment of the Cuban people.

They have used the Cuban people as chattel sending their unwilling young men to fight and die in faraway lands (such as Angola); thousands of unsuspecting doctors to Venezuela and thousands others to forced labor camps to harvest sugar cane — all in return for financial resources to keep their ruthless regime afloat.

They are listed as a terrorist country by our U.S. Department of State for good reason: they harbor terrorist leaders from the Middle East; train and supply intelligence officers to other ruthless governments such as Nicaragua and Bolivia; and are at the ideological epicenter of all efforts to undermine America and the values for which we stand.

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  1. Why? For the SAME reason people weren’t supposed to “play Sun City” in apartheid South Africa.

  2. Next trip for Jay-Z and wife Beyoncé: North Korea and Iran, where she must wear a veil.

  3. No way. Too alien and not chic enough. Besides, those aren’t black countries like Cuba, and they wouldn’t know anybody there (like, say, Assata Shakur).

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