Photo of the Day: Berta Soler and Pope Francis

The Lady in White meets the Man in White
The Lady in White meets the Man in White

It would be great to have an audio recording of the words exchanged.  But…well….  at least we know that they speak the same language, and that Berta knows how to deliver a message.  As Cubans would say: “ella no tiene pelos en la lengua.” (She has no hairs on her tongue – she can be brutally frank.)

This was not a private audience.  Every wednesday morning the pope celebrates mass, delivers a brief talk to a large invited audience, blesses them, and then mingles with the crowd.  Getting a spot in the front row is difficult and takes some clout.

Berta was well placed, and had a chance to catch the pope’s eye.  And he may have been alerted to her presence.

It may seem like an insignificant encounter to some, but this is a big deal, and the rulers of the Castro Kingdom will gnash their teeth when they see this photo.  The Cuban flag draped between the two figures in white will be a great irritant to the tyrants, because they refuse to accept the fact that Cuba belongs to all Cubans, not just to their slave-drivers and those slaves who agree to submit to the lash. .

So, even though this was a brief encounter, it delivers a potent message.

Pope Francis linked up with Berta in the midst of a large crowd.  Sad to say, but Benedict XVI would have probably avoided the Lady in White.


6 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Berta Soler and Pope Francis”

  1. Would have probably avoided her? He DID avoid her, though she pleaded for even a minute of his time during his Cuba visit. He had plenty of time for Nosferatu and his brood, however.

  2. Yeah, he most certainly did.
    What I meant is that if Benedict were still pope and Berta had showed up at his general audience at St. Peter’s, he would have run in the opposite direction.
    Come to think of it, if Benedict were still pope, there is no way she would have ended up in the front row.
    Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone and his minions might have even denied her permission to attend.

  3. I assume that this gorgeous encounter and picture of it was made possible by you, sir. When you wrote that letter to the Pope, (and when I managed to get it onto NR online and then it was picked up by the Wall Street Journal and many others) I believe that was a significant embarrassment to the Papacy. And it well should have been.
    I also believe it may have contributed to the previous Pope’s resigning.
    This Pope had to have been told about Berta Soler and made sure he posed with her.
    Take the credit for a good accomplishment, professor.

  4. Henry, here’s the “progressive” response:;

    If you recognize him, it’s probably because he’s such a friend of Castro, Inc., since otherwise he’d just be a has-been, former B-list movie actor you’d have no great reason to remember. I don’t believe there are any photos of him with Berta Soler or any other black Cuban opposed to Massah Castro’s brand of slavery for all Cubans, regardless of race. He is not, of course, an isolated or exceptional case. Just ask Harry Belafonte and the Congressional Black Caucus, for starters.

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