End result of the Revolution: golf resorts and condominiums

Plans for condominiums at the Carbonera golf resort
Plans for condominiums at the Carbonera golf resort

So, this is what you get after 54 years of communism: luxury condominiums and golf resorts for FOREIGNERS and for those few native elites who ensure that the Revolution lasts for eternity.

But…. you say…. but, but….but….the Revolution is all about equality and about ending the exploitation of one social class by another!

Yes, Mildred, everyone is equal, yes, dear, no need to stutter.  As everyone who has read Orwell’s Animal Farm knows, some pigs are more equal than others, and the Revolution intends to keep it that way.

As the superior pigs say: Bring in those Euros and Dollars, foreigners, we run the finest slave plantation on earth.   And we all know that those slaves of ours are thrilled to serve you.

And…. (pssst, we don’t want to say this too loudly)…. our sexy slaves love to copulate with foreigners in luxury condos, for just a few coins and a good meal.


Minister: Cuba close to go-ahead for golf resort construction

After nearly two years of waiting, with ready-to-go blueprints and agreements with joint venture partners in the drawer, at least three golf course resort developers may soon be able to go ahead with construction projects.

The government is “taking the last steps” on long-expected laws and regulations that would allow the construction and sale of golf course residences to foreigners, Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero announced during the opening of the International Tourism Fair (FIT 2013) in Varadero.

While some laws and regulations have been published over the past couple of years, significant ground rules are still unresolved.

Marrero said that the government is in talks with 10 foreign consortia. With some, “we have already signed, or we are about to sign letters of intent for possible new developments in various cities and tourism destinations of the country,” he said.

Plans for four golf resorts collectively worth more than $1 billion have been ready to go since 2011. In summer of that year, Cuban officials concluded negotiations with four foreign consortia — Britain’s Esencia Group, British Virgin Island-based Coral Capital Group, Canada’s Standing Feather International, and a Spanish investor group that plans to build a golf resort at Las Alturas in western Cuba — the Council of Ministers approved their respective projects, and the foreign companies formed joint ventures with Cuban state company Palmares S.A. Another Spanish developer, La Playa Golf & Resorts S.L., is planning to build a mega-resort on the western tip of the island, but it apparently hasn’t advanced as far as the other four groups.

Much more to read, HERE, if you can stand the pain.

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  1. Of course, the Cuba Experts, Hollywood types, MSM and sundry castro groupies don’t see the irony in all of this. Fifty-four years of endless sacrifices, a perpetual state-of-seige, wars, human rights violations, and a tyranny imposed on an entire nation, all in the name of a new egalitarian country only to become a very bad, infinitely inferior copy of what Cuba was pre-59. That is to say, Cuba has become what castro claims that it was in the 1950’s.

    Que revolucion mas por gusto–one man’s bottomless and grotesque ambition…that’s it. NOTHING ELSE.

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