News spin concerning Castrogonia suddenly reversed in Pittsburgh

Scholars and activists who talked about discrimination in Cuba as part of AfricAmericas events. The visitors are, back row from left, Manuel Cuesta Morua, Juan Antonio Madrazo Luna and Rafael Campoamor. In front are Leonardo Calvo Cardenas, left, and Juan Antonio Alvarado Ramos.
Scholars and activists who talked about discrimination in Cuba as part of AfricAmericas events. The visitors are, back row from left, Manuel Cuesta Morua, Juan Antonio Madrazo Luna and Rafael Campoamor. In front are Leonardo Calvo Cardenas, left, and Juan Antonio Alvarado Ramos.

Wait?  Did planet earth begin to spin in reverse?  Have we entered another dimension?

What the hell is this?

Afro-Cubans visiting an American university who denounce racism and discrimination in the Castro Kingdom?

This is the very definition of “unbelievable.” …. and also of “tremendo.”

Por fin….  now, let’s see what ensues, and what price these brave Cubans will have to pay.  And, let’s see if this story makes out of Pittsburgh.

In the meantime,  eat your heart out, Mariela, you hyper-active succubus….. these guys are the real thing.


Six-day event in Pittsburgh targets discrimination in Cuba

Fidel Castro declared it nonexistent, but racism is still pervasive in a country known more for its rich culture

By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Think Cuba, and images of music, dance, cuisine and the 1959 revolution come to mind. But one of the most pervasive pictures has been hush-hush since Fidel Castro declared racism and all talk of it nonexistent by fiat.

Amid such denial and a lack of legal recourse, pervasive racism has been a silent scourge on 60 percent of the population considered black or mulatto.

A group of Cubans attending AfricAmericas, a six-day event being held here through today, told stories that most U.S. blacks would find familiar, “but it is not like here,” said Manuel Cuesta Morua, who has been a tour guide, history teacher and a museum director whose political activism cost him his job. “In Cuba, we are all equal, but [blacks] can’t be in the media. We have the same education, but we can’t have that job.

“Here there are civic tools” and a justice system that can work, he said. “We have no political or symbolic representation, no access to the emerging economy” and no avenues to leadership positions.

Mr. Cuesta and four other members of Cuba’s Citizens Committee for Racial Integration spoke Wednesday to a crowd of 60 at City of Asylum/Pittsburgh on the North Side.

AfricAmericas has featured conversation, film, poetry, photography and cultural exchange highlighting Cuba. A photo exhibition, “Crossing Havana,” by Juan Antonio Madrazo Luna is on display from noon to 3 p.m. today at the Young Men and Women’s African Heritage Association, 1205 Boyle St., Central North Side.

“It took heaven and earth to get these men here, and not just financially,” said Kenya Dworkin, director of Coro Latinoamericano and a professor of Hispanic studies at Carnegie Mellon University. She organized the events in collaboration with the heritage association.

The fact that the Cuban government let black activists travel was historic, she said. The men described their humiliation at the Havana Airport, where they were the only blacks on their flight. Besides being stared at, they were relieved of cameras, CDs, thumb drives and information they were going to share at AfricAmericas.

Asked Wednesday by a woman in the audience if they are at risk, Leonardo Calvo Cardenas, a writer and historian, said, “The risk was there before we came and it will be there when we go back.”
They have been arrested, followed and threatened. So far, there has been no physical violence, they said, adding that the government has sewn the fear of self-subjugation into most people.

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1 thought on “News spin concerning Castrogonia suddenly reversed in Pittsburgh”

  1. I have been hearing this racial blah blah blah for some time now and it truly angers me because Cuba’s problems are not racial, far from it. Sure, the Castros are racist in their lesser Cuban way but who cares after ruining and slaving an entire population the way they have.

    This new racial rhetoric may be seen as a tactic by some but I see it as an insult and a waste of time. Yes, I know, it is taking their dishonest leftist tactic and throwing it back at them; but come on, this is clearly a stretch (that falls short) and the subject matter is one that is incrementally discredited with every passing year given how much it has been used and abused by now. Affirmative Action in 2013 anyone? Why don’t we go ask what’s the public opinion about that?

    Till this day I have not heard of any white Cuban who decided to stay in the Stalinist state expecting less oppression and fear for simply being white or about anyone who was spared execution and imprisonment for being white. Nor have I ever seen a whites only comity of defense mob vandalizing property and attacking their fellow Cubans for openly opposing the “racist” regime. Any picture of such acts of repudiation shows equal amounts of white and black scum carrying them out.

    That said, these resented and ignorant non-Cuban blacks who, from Africa to Harlem, have kissed Castro’s ass for 50+ years like the easily bought and manipulated corrupt fools they are, can go screw themselves. If their cities have all degraded and become bastions of ineptitude and corruption it’s because they themselves are the ones who vote solely based on race and promises of miserable handouts, nothing more. Cuban blacks who also complain about not receiving communist promised help based on their race and about the high spheres of the very regime that oppresses them lacking blacks, can also go eat a di%^, morons…

    The problem is the slavish system that took over Cuba and the fact that they, no matter the race, are Cuban nationals. In other words, they are property of a slavish cult that operates at government level and one which could not care any less what race they are if they don’t have that communist party member card. It has nothing to do with race and if all they want is that hotel job that’s reserved for the connected and which serves Canadian pedophiles who finance the regime, they too are part of the problem.

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