Another parallel emerges between the Castro in Cleveland and the Castros in Cuba

The Cleveland Castro,
The Cleveland Castro, not so pleased with the outcome of his love fest

It seems that the Cleveland Castro,  Ariel the “monster” of the  “House of Horrors,” has found lawyers who are well versed in Castrospeak.

The parallels now emerging between his defense team’s strategy and the one employed for the past 54 years by defenders of the Cuban so-called Revolution are astoundingly striking.

Both rely on sophisticated epistemological contortions and semantic inversions.  In other words, the very meaning of “evil” is being redefined and a new conception of “goodness” is being applied to the “monster” in question, so he can be turned into an “angel” and his detractors can be turned into intolerant, insufferable troglodytes.

The Cleveland Castro, you see, is a loving father who cares very much for the daughter conceived by one of his beloved “comfort women,” who deserved to be confined in small spaces for nearly half of her life, chained to the wall, tied to the rafters with a dog leash, repeatedly raped, beaten, and starved, and — eventually —  forced to give birth to this daughter in a plastic kiddie pool without medical attention.

Yes, she deserved it.

And, yes, he is a loving father.  He says so.  What more proof do you want?  Never mind the other five pregnancies he terminated.  Abortion is a good thing.  Marvelous, in fact.

And, if anyone finds a “disconnect” between his behavior and his professed love for this child, then the real problem lies in the eye of the beholder.   Yes, to criticize Ariel Castro is to be intolerant.  In fact, anyone who dares to call him a “monster” is a monster.

So, there you have it.    Next thing you know, Ariel’s lawyers will be praising him for home-schooling the little girl and providing free food and homespun medical care for his sex slaves.

Yes, Mildred, these Castro guys seem to be kissin’ cousins alright…. er….wait…maybe it’s best to call them rapin’ an’ enslavin’ cousins.

Thus far, the only parallel missing is this:  Ariel Castro did not turn his “house of horrors” into a brothel or a tourist attraction.  And he didn’t turn it into a franchise or train others to open their own houses of horror.   On this account, Fidel and Raul really make him look like a slacker.

Oh, yeah… almost forgot…. another parallel is missing: Ariel Castro is in prison and will eventually be tried for his crimes against humanity. Fidel and Raul are still running their house of horrors and garnering praise from many around the world, especially from their franchisees in Latrine America and from film directors, actors and self-professed intellectuals in the First World.

The Cuban Castros
The Cuban Castros, very pleased with themselves and their love fest

From the New York Daily News, the pinnacle of journalistic restraint:

Ariel Castro’s lawyers are trying to transform the Cleveland creep into father of the year.

Never mind that police say Castro fathered his 6-year-old daughter after kidnapping her mother, Amanda Berry, as a teen and repeatedly raping her.

“I can tell you that Mr. Castro is extremely committed to the well being and positive future for his daughter, who he loves dearly,” attorney Jaye Schlachet told WKYC-TVon Wednesday.

“And if people find that to be a disconnect from what he’s alleged to have done, then the people will just have to deal with it. We just know how he feels about his little girl.”

Disconnect? Castro became the most reviled man in America after he was charged with kidnapping and raping Berry and two other women he imprisoned for a decade in his Cleveland home.

Schlachet said Castro intends to plead not guilty.

“The initial portrayal by the media has been one of a ‘monster’ and that’s not the impression that I got when I talked to him for three hours,” Castro’s other lawyer, Craig Weintraub, told the TV station.

“I know that family members who have been interviewed by the media have expressed that as well.”

Relatives of the three freed women have all condemned Castro. So have Castro’s two brothers and his former daughter-in-law, Monica Stephens, who told CNN on Wednesday that he gave her “the heebie-jeebies.”

Asked how Berry, her daughter Jocelyn, and the other women — Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus — ended up living in Castro’s house for so many years, Weintraub answered, “That fact will be disclosed as the case progresses. I am aware of how he came into contact with them.”

Castro, 52, remains in custody at the Cuyahoga County Jail.

“He’s watched completely,” said Schlachet said. “He has a window through his door. He doesn’t have a television, doesn’t have radio, doesn’t have magazines, no access to newspapers. He’s completely isolated from society.”

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  1. Don’t you just love lawyers? Such dignity, decorum and rectitude–you know, like Bill Clinton and Eric Holder. Of course, the legal system is not so much about justice as it is about winning the case (or getting as much for your side as possible), regardless of what that may involve. It’s really a glorified game, and the sharpest and slickest players rule (again, regardless of what they resort to in order to win). This is perfectly routine and completely accepted by all and sundry, but it really shouldn’t be. When lawyers are allowed to operate like sleazy, low-life BS artists, you know something is seriously wrong. Something is.

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