Cashing in on Alan Gross

Judy Gross
Judy Gross

Alan Gross is still rotting in a Castro Kingdom prison, but his family in the U.S.A. has just turned that calamity into gold.


A lawsuit for 60 million dollars that the family of Alan Gross filed against Development Alternatives, Inc. and the U.S. government has resulted in a “financial settlement.”

The amount of this “settlement” is under non-disclosure wraps, and will probably remain secret for some time to come.

No settlement has yet been reached with the U.S. government.  Which means that even more money might be on the way.

The oddest thing about this turn of events is that the Gross family and their attorneys say that now they can earnestly begin to work for his release.

Does this mean that they now have enough money to buy his freedom?

Figure it out for yourself….  especially if you know the way things work in the Castro Kingdom, where the dollar and the euro are the sole divinities worshiped with genuine devotion.

The Cuban Five… er… I mean the Cuban Four…. forget it.

Oye….mira cuanta plata nos ha conseguido este polaco flaco… Resolvímos el problema….Olvídate de esos comemierdas en la carcel americana y llama al banco en Zurich…

U.S. contractor jailed in Cuba in court settlement with company

Havana (CNN) — A State Department contractor jailed in Cuba has reached a financial settlement with the company that sent him to the island, according to court papers filed Thursday.

The amount to be paid to Alan Gross and his wife, Judy, by Development Alternatives Inc. was subject to a non-disclosure agreement, the court filing said.

Last year, the couple sued the company and the U.S. government for $60 million. The settlement does not include the government.

The company hired Gross to fulfill a U.S. Agency for International Development contract to connect private citizens to the Internet in Cuba, a scarce commodity on the island.

But Gross was arrested in 2009 after arriving in Cuba. He was later sentenced to 15 years in jail for smuggling in banned satellite communications equipment to the island and trying to destabilize the Cuban government.

Gross argued that his work wasn’t political and he was trying to connect Cuba’s tiny Jewish community to the Internet.

In the lawsuit, Gross’ attorney’s argued that he was not warned by Development Alternatives Inc. that his work could run afoul of Cuban authorities.

“We have been clear from day one that Alan’s safe return to his family is our first priority,” Jim Boomgard, the company’s president and chief executive, said in a joint statement with Judy Gross. “Settling this litigation allows us to work together on that overriding goal.”

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  1. Castro, Inc. wants more than money for Gross. If it were just money, the Obama admin could have solved this problem long ago.

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