Cuba: Smile, you’re on ‘Thug Camera’

For decades, the hired thugs of Cuba’s dictatorship have watched, harassed, intimidated, and viciously beat opponents of the regime with relative impunity. Living on an island prison where the rulers have effectively sealed off the people from the outside world, they could be as brutal and violent as they pleased with little worry their identities and faces would be recorded and documented. Thanks to today’s new technology, however, the days of impunity for these sadistic and cowardly thugs are coming to a quick end. For the past few years, the opposition movement in Cuba has been using technology to photograph and video these individuals, documenting their identities to ensure that they, along with their bosses, will face justice when in the near future, Cuba is a free nation that adheres to the rule of law.

Pedazos de la Isla has more:

Matanzas: Repressors can’t escape the lens of a camera (Photos)

Technology and social networks once again prove their importance when it comes to Cuba, despite the fact that the totalitarian system practices a severe form of censorship.

Caught on camera above is Kenny Aguero, a State Security agent in the province of Matanzas.  The photo was taken by former political prisoner Ivan Hernandez Carrillo and published on his Twitter account (@ivanlibre).  Aguero operates mainly in the city of Cardenas and is a repressor of dissidents, especially of Ladies in White, such as Leticia Ramos Herreria and Elizabeth Pacheco.  He dedicates himself to persecute this women, verbally offend them, arrest them and beat them without mercy (testimony in this audio). In one of his most recent actions against the opposition, he summoned Marisol Fernandez Socorro, also a Lady in White, to a police unit because of her activism out on the streets.

In the following photo, also published by Hernandez Carrillo, is Aurio Cueto, another collaborator of the regime:

According to Ivan, Cueto testified against him and also activist and former prisoner of conscience Felix Navarro during their trial in the Black Spring of 2003, when 75 journalists were sent to prison.  Both Matanzas natives were sentenced to 25 years behind bars.  Cueto currently continues to keeping a tight vigilance over activists in different cities of Matanzas, as well as helping the police to arrest them for their peaceful activities.

With each photo, each Tweet, and each post in an alternative and free blog, the impunity of the dictatorship continues to dissolve.

5 thoughts on “Cuba: Smile, you’re on ‘Thug Camera’”

  1. When the very daughter of Raul Castro, that spoiled, degenerate, and shameless cunt, strolls through the streets of USA with no care to shamelessly promote her criminal family composed of frauds, thieves, kidnappers, slave-masters, and mass murderers who have unpardonably betrayed, agonized, and ruined an entire nation, all while posing for pictures, smiling, insulting, and all under the most stupid of fronts without fearing poison or a sniper rifle, why should any of these low level scumbags in Cuba have any fear.

    Does Castro really need to fall for such scum to be taken care off one way or another? We have wasted twenty years since the fall of the USSR appealing to those that finance Castro Inc. and half a century trying to appeal to the very two-face bastards who betrayed and used us in the first place with no care, USA (and has done so time and time again since). Granted, I know that people are tired of playing hardball and USA has been on our ass for a long enough time to deter us and make us tired but at this pace there will never be a free Cuba.

    It’s not that I want to be arrogant or disrespectful, for they have all my admiration and support, but no country has achieved its independence or freedom from totalitarianism with women holding flowers unless there is an external pressure and support that we Cubans simply do not have. All the contrary, the world finances their stalinists aberration as they continue to beat, incarcerate, and kill whomever they want for openly opposing it. It’s all the fault of the “embargo”…

  2. It seems to me more than one is going to have to try it and try it good before everyone has had enough of the socialist shit and treats it for what it truly is.

    I remember a Venezuelan “friend” of mine some years ago telling me about wanting to go to Cuba, as if it was a joke and as if his money was insignificant to the pockets of the stalinist tyranny. Long story short, the trip was soon after cancelled and Cuba was the last place he wanted to be or give money to. There I was thinking to myself “Now it tastes like shit, right fagot? When it touches you. 50 years of being called exaggerators and political radicals until it touches you…”

  3. I wouldn’t even distinguish these low-lifes with designations such as “State Security Agents”, they are nothing more than ‘mafia goons’ for the Castro Mafia.

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