It’s About To Blow: “To be a Fox journalist is a high honor, not a high crime” – UPDATED

Eric Holder

It it became vocally quite clear in yesterday’s horribly clumsy and droning hour-long speech by Obama that he and his administration are running on fumes now … which is even more dangerous than a full tank. BOOM!

The PJ Tatler is reporting that Eric Holder lied under oath to Congress…

During friendly questioning from Rep. Hank “I fear that Guam will capsize!” Johnson in Congress last week, Attorney General Eric Holder offered the following statement.

In regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material. This is not something I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy.

He made that statement before the facts about the sweep on Fox News’ James Rosen were known. Since then, it’s come to light that Holder himself approved the subpoena that, among other things, named Rosen as a criminal co-conspirator.

So, Eric Holder lied under oath before a congressional hearing.

In addition to that, he may have intentionally misled a judge in the request of Rosen’s phone records according to Jennifer Rubin.

[T]he affidavit (paragraph 45) asserts that DOJ exhausted all means available to get the material from Rosen’s e-mails and phone, and “because of [Rosen’s] own potential criminal liability in this matter,” asking for the documents voluntarily would compromise the integrity of the investigation. Moreover, the affidavit asserts that the “targets” of the investigation (including Rosen) were a risk to “mask their identity and activity, flee or otherwise obstruct this investigation.” It is highly questionable whether Holder believed any of that to be true. (Really, he imagined a Fox News reporter would flee the country? He thought Rosen would don a disguise?) Was the affidavit a sort of ruse to get Rosen’s records (or later to pressure his cooperation)? Did Holder intentionally mislead a judge when he signed off on the affidavit? That is worth exploring.

President Obama put himself on the record regarding the DOJ’s actions against journalists Thursday, declaring himself sufficiently “troubled” to order Holder to look into the matter. Eric Holder will be investigating Eric Holder to determine if Eric Holder lied under oath and misrepresented facts before a federal judge.

So, while Obama has orderd AG Eric Holder to investigate AG Eric Holder himself in the wide-scope targeting of Rosen and FOX News, it has become evident that Holder autherized the warrant for Fox News reporter James Rosen’s private emails…

Attorney General Eric Holder signed off on a controversial search warrant that identified Fox News reporter James Rosen as a “possible co-conspirator” in violations of the Espionage Act and authorized seizure of his private emails, a law enforcement official told NBC News on Thursday.

The disclosure of the attorney general’s role came as President Barack Obama, in a major speech on his counterterrorism policy, said Holder had agreed to review Justice Department guidelines governing investigations that involve journalists.


Rosen, who has not been charged in the case, was nonetheless the target of a search warrant that enabled Justice Department investigators to secretly seize his private emails after an FBI agent said he had “asked, solicited and encouraged … (a source) to disclose sensitive United States internal documents and intelligence information.”

Yet, the above journalistic scoop (above) comes from NBC News, and they failed to actually report on it outside their network internet site.

Hey, NBC: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” – Winston Churchill … Foolish liberal media.

It has also come to light that there was an 18 month delay in the federal judge’s office in unsealing documents in the case. Hmmm, wonder what else was going on during that 18-month span…

A federal judge apologized Wednesday for an 18-month delay in unsealing documents in a case involving an alleged leak of classified information to a reporter.

The documents include two warrants and related materials for the email accounts of Stephen Kim, a State Department adviser who faces charges of leaking secret information about North Korea to Fox News reporter James Rosen.

The warrants and materials, which had originally been ordered unsealed in November 2011, will be unsealed this week. Royce Lamberth, the chief judge of the U.S. District Court in Washington, said that a “series of administrative errors by the court’s staff” caused the delay.

A third search warrant, along with an affidavit for some of Rosen’s private emails, had also been ordered unsealed in November 2011, but those weren’t unsealed until last week. Those materials showed that as part of the Kim investigation, the government tracked Rosen’s comings and goings from the State Department, and an FBI agent said there was probable cause to believe the reporter broke the law. Rosen wasn’t charged.

There was also a delay in unsealing Lamberth’s 2010 order that the government wasn’t required to notify Rosen that his emails had been the subject of a warrant. Although that order was posted on the court’s website, it was not available on the public docket until now.

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Damn good thing the WaPo has their back too, eh? “WaPo’s Marimow Fails to Reveal 18-month Delay in Unsealing Rosen Warrant Which Crossed 2012 Election Until Judge ‘Apologizes'”

This has prompted Roger Ailes to write an open, but stern, letter to his FOX News employees…

We will not allow a climate of press intimidation, unseen since the McCarthy era, to frighten any of us away from the truth.

I am proud of your tireless effort to report the news over the last 17 years. I stand with you, I support you and I thank you for your reporting with courageous optimism. Too many Americans fought and died to protect our unique American right of press freedom. We can’t and we won’t forget that. To be an American journalist is not only a great responsibility, but also a great honor. To be a Fox journalist is a high honor, not a high crime. Even this memo of support will cause some to demonize us and try to find irrelevant things to cause us to waver. We will not waver.

As Fox News employees, we sometimes are forced to stand alone, but even then when we know we are reporting what is true and what is right, we stand proud and fearless.

Read in full

In the last five years there have been several highly questionable actions in the US Justice Department under AG Eric Holder. The dropping of the voter intimidation charges against The New Black Panther Party. Fast and Furious. Gibson Guitar Company’s hazing by the DOJ. All the DOJ lawsuits against individual states trying to govern themselves. Now this. Hey, Eric, if you’ve lost the Obama-slobbering and protecting Huffington Post


And here we are, the Friday before a long holiday weekend. Usually a great time for the Obama administration to do some big docu-dumping, or resignations. Pondering who could fill Eric Holder’s gum-shoes in the US Department of Justice as Ass-Coverer General for Obama…

The national weather center has issued the names selected for this season’s anticipated hurricanes. “Barry” is #2. Get some popcorn…

UPDATE – FLASHBACK: “2007: Obama Demanded Atty Gen Resign For Carrying Out ‘Political Vendettas’ Of Admin”

(Note, while there were MANY who objected to Obama’s nomination of Eric Holder as his AG years ago, the GOP voted to confirm him.)

UPDATE 2: “Obama Admin Fought To Keep Search Warrant Against Reporter James Rosen Secret”

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  1. He can always get a job as understudy for Oprah’s boyfriend (or whatever), Stedman. Holder looks a lot like him, only more snotty and sleazy. Still, it’s always good to have a back-up, just in case.

  2. I can’t help but wonder what Holder would be today had he been born Cuban. But then again drinking on a lazy hot Friday afternoon tend to make one’s mind wonder.

  3. I can’t help but wonder what Holder would be today had he been born Cuban. But then again drinking on a lazy hot Friday afternoon tends to make one’s mind wonder.

  4. So, the US Department of Justice obtains warrants to eavesdrop on James Rosen by arguing that Rosen may have been guilty of taking part in a criminal conspiracy (espionage to be exact). The warrant was signed by a friendly Federal magistrate judge with a possible ax to grind against Fox News (in 2006, Fox News was highly critical of a judgment by the same magistrate that was highly favorable of Guantanamo detainees and critical of the Bush administration), instead of getting the warrant from a higher level Federal judge.

    Eric Holder claims no knowledge of the issue, or of having any knowledge of the actions of his DoJ, yet, what was done, and how it was done is vintage Eric Holder.

    In April of 2000, Eric Holder, then working under Janet Reno and the Clinton administration, obtained a warrant to seize Elian Gonzalez from a magistrate judge in Miami by having Elian temporarily declared to be an illegal alien.

    Fabricate a crime… obtain a warrant from a friendly magistrate… execute the action… claim absolute legality to the actions.

    Eric Holder was behind the AP and Fox News investigation.

  5. All I need to know Holder sent Elian back to Castro, he’s a POS…

    Cambiado por mierda se pierde el cartucho…

  6. Holder is a sleazeball, just not as obvious as, say, Axelrod (who looks so sleazy he’s practically pornographic). The Republicans who voted to confirm him as AG ought to be deeply ashamed, because they knew he was defective goods and was bound to be bad news. As I see it, he’s not merely crooked or simply corrupt–it’s worse, because I think his gargantuan sense of entitlement makes him feel justified in doing whatever it takes to get what he wants.

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