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This week from one of their crack analysts:

Bacardi has launched a marketing push behind its namesake rum brand that pays homage to its Cuban roots.

The “Vivimos” campaign opened last week with a TV and online spot, Bacardi said on Friday (24 May). The ad, which can be viewed above, shows how events such as Cuba’s fight for independence from Spain helped shape the brand.

It features the Cuba Libra cocktail – Bacardi rum, cola and lime – which Bacardi says was created by American soldiers in Havana celebrating the end of the Spanish-American War in 1900.

CubaLibre 0002

And here at Babalu we were woefully unaware that the famous rum and coke concoction was actually named after a Zodiac sign!–or perhaps unit of measurement totaling 16 ounces!


Pretty good video however.…Oh!…and while we’re on the topic of Bacardi:


Above words were emblazoned on a HUGE banner that hung in front of the Bacardi Building in Havana to welcome Fidel Castro on Jan. 9th, 1959. Jose “Pepin” Bosch had been among the Julio 26 Movement’s main bankrollers. All those bombs, after all, cost mucho dinero!…seems that Bosch was a Castro “expert” well before Castro expertise was cool. Alas, unlike the case with today’s “experts” the consequences of Don Pepin’s “expertise” turned around and bit him in the ass BIG-TIME!…this always distinguishes a businessman from an academic.


(Bueno Y alguien por favor me pudiera explicar qur carajo importancia tiene–hoy en dia!–el asunto de quien metio la pata en Cuba hace mas de media siglo?! NADA!–NINGUNA! importancia!..Pero a este Fontova le encanta revolver las cosas y joder!)