Tampa, Cuba, and minding your own business

The group of elected officials and business leaders from Tampa who enjoyed a long weekend vacation in Cuba last week are back home after having a great time on the island prison. They no doubt received VIP treatment from their hosts, the Castro dictatorship, who led them like sheep through the island’s Potemkin Village. Not only did they get the chance to explore business opportunities with the murderous dictatorship and enjoy the island’s luxurious accommodations reserved only for tourists, they also got the opportunity to completely ignore and turn a blind eye to the human rights violations and repression that takes place in Cuba on a daily basis.

You see, for this group from Tampa, their trip to Cuba was all about paying no mind to the enslavement and oppression of the Cuban people and all about minding their own business.


Read about their trip to Cuba HERE.

3 thoughts on “Tampa, Cuba, and minding your own business”

  1. Gee, they all look so natural and life-like. Sort of like a Nancy Pelosi family reunion. One can only imagine what José Martí would think of them–actually, one knows what he’d think, but of course he was a long time ago, and what difference does he make now? Besides, they are, in fact, minding OUR business, same as Juanes and his little musical friends did. We’re so lucky to have such people go out of their way to bother about little old Cuba.

  2. Btw, that ghastly crap in the background, which looks like a crude and blatant ripoff of the work of Gaudí in Barcelona and Picasso, is “Fusterlandia,” the “creation” of some pro-Castro “artist” named Fuster risibly billed as “the Picasso of the Caribbean.” Apparently, this “cultural” concoction has become a de rigueur stop on official tourist visits. I’m fairly sure Be-Jay visited it (and probably liked it). Typical Castro, Inc. device–class all the way (you know, like those cheesy photos of Fidel and Che pretending to play golf while wearing military fatigues and combat boots).

  3. Asombra, while in Miami during CN week went to Ediciones Universal close-out sale…picked up the book on Masferrer by Luke Escalona that you’d recommended some time ago–One of the BEST things I’ve ever read on Cuba in ANY language!…Also Picked up many other other great books (Jose Ignacio Rivero’s among others) that I’d somehow missed earlier?!..what a treasure trove Salvat’s place was/is? What a shame it’s closing down.

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