Building collapse in Trinidad, Cuba kills mother and daughter

Localización aproximada del lugar del siniestro.
Approximate location of building collapse in Trinidad, Cuba

Another building collapse in Cuba has tragically claimed the lives of a mother and daughter in the city of Trinidad. Cuban opposition group Cuba Independent and Democratic is reporting that Luisa M. Medinas and her 12-year-old daughter were killed when the building they lived in at 460 Antonio Maceo Street collapsed. Residents of the building claim they have long been expressing to Cuban authorities their fears over the deteriorating structural condition of their residence and have begged for something to be done to make their homes safe. However, with the Castro dictatorship focusing its resources on maintaining their machine of repression functioning and building new resorts for foreign tourists, their cries for help fell on deaf ears.

Unfortunately, deadly incidents such as these have become the norm in Cuba. The half-century long dictatorship of the Castro family, which maintains complete ownership of all real estate in Cuba, has for the most part neglected the maintenance and upkeep of structures that do not provide them some benefit. While residential buildings throughout Cuba are collapsing from lack of care and upkeep, the regime is building new military buildings and tourist facilities and providing them with regular maintenance.

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