Welcome to Cubazuela


It could be a photo of a store in Havana, circa 1961, when the shelves were still in good repair.  After that, they not only remained empty, but also became increasingly grungy, much like a patient with severe depression who doesn’t care about bathing or grooming.

This is just how the Woolworth store in Miramar, Havana, looked in December 1961.  There was only one toy available for purchase: cheaply made red rubber balls.  It’s all I got for Christmas that year.  And… I had to leave that precious pelota de basura behind when I left the island prison.  No toys allowed for kids going into exile.

But the photo is not from Castrogonia.  It’s from Venenozuela in the summer of 2013.

Behold the fruits of 21st century socialism and Chavism. !Vamos bien!  Pa’lante!

Venezuelans are living through a nearly exact reenactment of early Castrolandia’s descent into utter destitution and a ranking at the bottom sub-basement of the third world.

For the sordid details, in Spanish, go HERE.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Cubazuela”

  1. And just remember: Venezuela could never be like Cuba. At least that’s what Venezuelans adamantly maintained when Cuban exiles tried to warn them before they put Chavez in power. Maybe if they just keep repeating that mantra, they can go into a denial trance to keep from seeing what IDIOTS they were.

  2. Also remember Venezuela is a RICH country, certainly compared to Cuba. And there’s no US “blockade” to blame, either.

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