NSA whistleblower Snowden’s whirlwind Tyranny Tour

An update on NSA leaker and self-described champion of individual liberties Edward Snowden’s whirlwind tour of the world’s most repressive tyrannies and most blatant violators of individual rights.

As of the time of this post, Snowden is very likely on a Havana-bound flight from Moscow where the criminal Castro dictatorship will no doubt greet him with open arms. They will also quickly take possession of his luggage, laptop computers, computer storage devices, documents, and anything and everything else he has on him. From there, he is possibly heading to the Cuban colony of Venezuela and finally settling in Ecuador, another Cuban proxy.

Via France24:

Snowden Havana-bound, asks Ecuador for asylum

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has boarded a plane bound for Cuba, according to airline sources in Moscow, and is believed to be heading for Ecuador after Hong Kong’s foreign minister said that the fugitive had requested asylum there.

Edward Snowden, a former contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA) who leaked the details of secret US surveillance programmes, could receive political asylum in Ecuador as the South American country examines his request.

“We are analyzing it with a lot of responsibility,” Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino told reporters at a hotel in Vietnam, where he is on a state visit. “It has to do with freedom of expression and with the security of citizens around the world.”

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Snowden may be safe from the American government for now, but if he thinks the U.S. is bad, wait until he gets a load of his hosts.

Via the National Journal:

Memo to Snowden: Don’t Try This in Ecuador (or Russia or Cuba or Venezuela or Hong Kong)

The countries on his itinerary wouldn’t meet his standards or treat him very well.

Edward Snowden is trying to escape the long arm of U.S. law by flying in and out of countries that clearly don’t mind annoying us, and just as clearly are not the exemplars of democracy, transparency and civil liberties he wishes his own country to be.

Snowden’s itinerary appeared to be evolving throughout much of Sunday. He left Hong Kong, landed in Russia and was reportedly bound for Cuba and then Venezuela. Later, the foreign minister of Ecuador tweeted that his country had received an asylum request from Snowden.

So say you’re a citizen of Hong Kong, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela or Ecuador, and you want to protest against your government, maybe even leak some big secrets. What kind of conditions and treatment might you expect? Nothing close to Snowden’s standard for his own country, that’s for sure.

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Finally, the irony of “Freedom Fighter” Snowden’s Tyranny Tour is not lost on Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen:

“New reports indicate that NSA leaker Snowden may be headed to Ecuador. If true, then Snowden will be in a nation where press freedoms are trampled upon. In the Ecuador of Rafael Correa, editors and journalists pay huge fines and are sent to jail for articles or reports that supposedly injure Correa’s character. It’s pathetic that whistleblower looks to press oppressor nations for transit and refuge.

“Correa is a well known friend of those who wish to bring harm to America. Last year, he offered Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange asylum. Correa has also led the effort to try to weaken and undermine the Inter-American Human Rights Commission at the OAS.  The Obama Administration must let Correa know that his actions will have consequences and the Administration must not renew the trade preferences with Ecuador that expire next month.

“The reality is that Correa is Chavez-lite with nicer suits but an oppressor of an independent press and an advocate for the weakening of democracy protecting institutions in our Hemisphere. ”

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  1. Ok, so we now care more about what happens in Ecuador than what happens to us here in the United States???

    Where is the OUTRAGE from our elected ‘leaders’ to what the govt spying is doing to it’s own citizens????

    I suppose this very same elected ‘leader’ was expecting Snowden to walk up to the DOJ and say he has some ‘bad stuff’ he wants to ‘talk about’, right?

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