Zimmerman’s half “Latino,” right? Well…(Che Guevara at Zimmerman protests)


No matter. His dear, DEAR Latino brothers and sisters in San Francisco say (Commie) ideology trumps ethnic solidarity ( to say nothing of justice.)

Quite fitting, actually:

“Judicial evidence is an archaic Bourgeois detail”

(Che Guevara Jan. 1959)

2 thoughts on “Zimmerman’s half “Latino,” right? Well…(Che Guevara at Zimmerman protests)”

  1. If the press identifies George Zimmerman as a “white Latino” or “half Latino” why don’t they use similar terminology to describe Obama or use the proper term mulatto?

  2. What? And lose the magical powers of Obama’s (half) blackness? No way. Politics don’t work like that, especially “correct” politics. Besides, Obama wants it that way, because he can get more mileage out of it (as he certainly has). However, if someone who was also half and half, but looked more white than black, identified as “white,” that would be considered totally unacceptable “Uncle Tom” behavior. In other words, it’s all bullshit, played purely for PC advantage.

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