“You Americans just don’t get it” (Juanita Castro 1965)


This “blind spot,” let’s call it, caught the eye of many knowledgeable Cubans from day one. To wit: “My brothers’ feeling of hatred for this country cannot even be imagined by you Americans,” marveled Fidel and Raul’s bewildered sister Juanita while testifying to the House Committee on Un-American Activities upon defecting in June of 1965. “His intention — his OBSESSION — is to destroy the U.S.”

A surely unrealistic — and probably faded — obsession nowadays. But surely the Castro brothers haven’t come around to favoring our well-being nearly as fervently as our Secretaries of Defense and State seem to favor theirs.

Our friends at Townhall help disseminate items that induce soporific boredom outside Miami-Dade. ( including, yes, “The Sugar Missile crisis.” Yes, it’s virtually unknown in middle-America, ask around.)

“Humberto Fontova is a gifted polemicist who pulls no punches. A great service for liberty, justice and truth.” (The Weekly Standard  on Fidel; Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant.)

“I read Fontova’s book on Che Guevara in two sittings– I could not put it down.”  (Radio and Fox News superstar Mark “The Great One” Levin.)

“Humberto’s books read like my concerts sound! ROCK-ON–my warrior blood-brother !” (Ted Nugent)

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