Lost Fidel Castro interview from 1959 where he denies being a communist


Since he was a child, deceit and the telling of lies have come naturally to fascist dictator Fidel Castro. And in 1959, when his so-called revolution took power in Cuba, he began a fifty-plus year streak of non-stop lies and deadly deceit.

In a recently found audio interview lost since 1959, you can listen to Castro vehemently deny the rumors that he and his murderous revolutionary cohorts were communists.

Via The Huffington Post:

Fidel Castro Interview Tape From 1959 Resurfaces In Animated Form (VIDEO)

Laura Galloway has unearthed a slice of history.

With the help of PBS and Blank on Blank, an organization dedicated to finding vintage interviews and bringing them to life, Galloway reconstructed a taped interview she found of her grandfather interviewing former Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

“I’d actually never heard my grandfather’s voice before,” Galloway says. “And so, to hear his voice doing this interview was just absolutely incredible to me.”

As Inter-American Affairs Editor for U.S. News and World Report, her grandfather Clark Galloway was a prominent journalist when he sat down with Castro in 1959, shortly after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. The sound of the tape captures the moment in time, with the sound of matches being struck, cigars puffing, and typewriters clacking.

It’s also interesting to see how much has changed from those early days before the Revolution embraced Communism to today. For one telling example, check out the way Fidel answer’s the question about the U.S. Naval Base at Guantánamo.

Check out the Blank on Blank resurrected interview with Castro below.

3 thoughts on “Lost Fidel Castro interview from 1959 where he denies being a communist”

  1. Sure he lied. For people like FC, that’s not a moral issue; it’s a physiologic function, like pissing–they just do it whenever they get the urge. But there were worse lies, especially the one which the entire “revolution” rested on: restoring democracy to Cuba. It never happened, because that was never the plan. Fidel, despite his much-vaunted “charisma,” had never gotten anywhere through democratic means, namely elections, not even at the university student level. He was NOT going to rely on voters, meaning free ones, to get or keep power, especially since he wanted absolute power for life. Remember, for people like FC, telling a lie is like taking a piss, period.

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