Sunday in Cuba brings more violent repression against Ladies in White

Another Sunday in Cuba, another day of violent repression by the Castro dictatorship against the Ladies in White.

Via Uncommon Sense:

Castro-organized mobs again target Cuban Ladies In White in Matanzas

Another Sunday in Matanzas, Cuba, another Sunday of government organized thuggery against some of the most valiant opposition activists on the island. reports that seven members of the Damas De Blanco, or “Ladies In White,” and nine other human rights activists have been be unable to leave the Catholic church in the town of Cardenas because of a siege by a mob organized by Cuban police and the local “rapid response brigade.”

Similar repression against the Damas was also reported from Holguin.

Lady In White Leticia Ramos Herrería said the operation in Cardenas is larger than what was seen the two prior Sundays when the Damas and their supporters went to Mass and then took to peacefully marching through town. In response, government goon squads assaulted and arrested the activists.

“This will be a massacre today,” Ramos said. “We hold responsible the Castro brothers and State Security for all that might happen, for our physical safety.

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Via Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Church and Cubans stand up to repression in Cuba this Sunday

Another Sunday in which Raul Castro’s paramilitary mobs and state security agents organized acts of repression against nonviolent activists. Nevertheless this Sunday offers cause for hope.  Ivan Hernandez Carrillo described two incidents that took place this morning in different parts of Cuba:

In Colón Father Nelson Santana stood before regime mobs preventing them from attacking the Ladies in White at the exit of the church. “You can march to your homes in peace this Sunday there won’t be more repression,” said Father Nelson Santana to Ladies in White of Colón. Thanks to Father Nelson Santana the Ladies in White of Colón who attended Mass could walk with six other activists accompanying them back to their homes.

In Matanzas, Cubans blocked the regime’s mobs from storming the Church in Cardenas. The mob outside was threatening to kill all the activists inside the Church. The Bishop of Matanzas, Manuel Hilario de Céspedes y Garcia Menocal, inside the Cardenas church negotiated with regime “authorities” and gave protection seven Ladies in White and eight opposition activists inside the Church.