Another day, another idiot, another gross, insensitive, and moronic stunt in the Florida Straits

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Ignorance may be bliss, but it is also the surest road to hell.

Here is proof positive of that.

Somehow, for some weird reason that has everything to do with ignorance, some clown from Tennessee plans to paddleboard all the way from Havana to Key West, and he blabbers about “peace and love” and “fitness” while totally ignoring the plight of the Cuban people and the tragic history of that stretch of water where thousands of Cubans have drowned while trying to escape from the horrors of the Castro Kingdom.

Advice for Mr. Paddleboard:  You’re going to need a bigger board.  And at some point, you’re going to need a conscience, too.


From Business Insider:

American Man Is Attempting To Travel From Cuba To Key West On A Stand-up Paddleboard

A 35-year-old American on Thursday left Havana on a stand-up paddleboard in a bid to reach Florida — a journey he said he hoped would promote “peace and love” between Cuba and the United States.

This trip is to promote peace and love and friendship between the people of Cuba and the United States, as well as a healthy lifestyle,” Benjamin Friberg said before leaving Havana’s Marina Hemingway.

Friberg, who hails from the US state of Tennessee, said he hoped to complete the 170-kilometer (105-mile) journey from the Cuban capital to Key West in about 20 hours.

“I’m not sure. It depends on the challenges I will face — waves, winds, current, all the variables,” he said, calling his attempt to cross the perilous, shark-infested Straits of Florida the first by paddleboard.

In the past two years, three swimmers have tried — and failed — to make the hazardous crossing.


6 thoughts on “Another day, another idiot, another gross, insensitive, and moronic stunt in the Florida Straits”

  1. He wants the 15 minutes of fame Warhol promised. He’s entitled, you know. Now everyone is entitled to whatever they want or think they deserve. Considerations like merit, logic, respect for others and simple decency are irrelevant. If you want it, well, by golly, you should get to have it, and have it your way. Don’t worry about other people and what that may mean for them. It’s not about them, is it?

  2. Besides, Carlos, a yahoo from Tennessee has limited options for fame, and everyone else uses Cuba for something, so why not? I mean, that’s what it’s there for, isn’t it? Spain, Cuba’s own “mother,” has felt that way for centuries, and still does. And note how he left from the Marina Hemingway–the perfect touch. It’s “The Old Man and the Paddleboard,” get it?

  3. Try to understand–if the “correct” people don’t find this insensitive or disrespectful, it’s not. Just like that tree falling in the forest with nobody around to hear it.

  4. Friberg should afterward paddleboard across the Dead Sea to “promote peace and love and friendship” between the people of Israel and Hamas.

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