Birthers in Caracastan: Déjà vu, telenovela style

maduro pajarito
El pajarito Chavez aconseja al platanito Maduro

Was Saddam Hussein look-alike “el platanito” Maduro born in Colombia?

This question is not being asked by the English-language news media, but it is turning heads in Caracastan.

Opponents of  Nicolas Maduro claim  they can prove that he was born in Colombia and is therefore ineligible to serve as president of Venezuela.

But there’s a slight hitch: no one can access the documents that offer conclusive proof.

Sound familiar?

Let’s see how far they get.

Thus far, the questions raised about Maduro’s birthplace are generating a lot more  heat than those asked about Barack Obama ever did in the United States (save for the  mainstream media’s obsessive mocking of  “nut job” and “racist” birthers).

The birther controversy in Caracastan is starting to look like a telenovela, worthy of Univision, even though it lacks curvaceous starlets in tight dresses who can cry up a storm without smearing their make up.

Here is a synopsis of the plot: Venezuelan journalist Patricia Poleo and Guillermo Cochez, the Panamanian ex-ambassador to the Organization of American States, claim that Nicolas Maduro was born in  his mother’s hometown of  Cúcuta, in Colombia, not far from the border with Venezuela.  Investigations have been launched.  Today, however, Patricia Poleo and Guillermo Cochez claimed that the president of Colombia — Juan Manuel Santos — is doing his best to hinder the search for documents in Cúcuta.

Poleo has cited a specific archival document from the civil registry in  Cúcuta, which she claims contains proof of Maduro’s Colombian origins: Book 47, volume 22A, from November 1961.  “The information is being blocked by a direct order of President Santos,” she claims.

The plot is thicker than it might seem on the surface.  Guillermo Cochez, you might remember, was fired from his ambassadorship to the OAS in January of this year after he referred to Venezuela as a “classic dictatorship” and a “sick democracy”.  He also had the temerity to suggest that  Hugo Chavez ‘s absence from his presidential inauguration was due to the fact that he was either dead or on his deathbed, and that the OAS should therefore act to end the charade taking place in Caracastan.

Now, if only the little bird-ghost of Chavez would show up again to shed light on the whole megillah….

ABC Spain is on top of this story.  Go HERE and HERE for more details, in Spanish.