(You folks) “Don’t know much about history,” Babalusian tells Toronto’s School Board on Canadian TV


When the Toronto School Board attempted a Cuba-“expert” (Castro-propaganda-ministry) version of Che Guevara’s accomplishments for elementary schoolers, Sun News got into the act–and Canadians got a “Thumbnail briefing” on Che Guevara post haste. Entire video here.

The original Toronto School Board version:

Che Guevara was “a leader in Latin America,” who was “saddened by how poor people were wherever he visited,” and “decided that he would give all his time and energy to work to change that.”

“He is called a ‘revolutionary’ because he wanted to change the way people worked and viewed the world. He travelled to do political work in many countries until he helped to win a battle in Cuba, called the Cuban Revolution. He worked in the government there for a few years and then travelled to other countries to do similar work.”

Amazingly, the Toronto School Board then eliminated their “lesson.”

(Pero fijense que tipo MAS DESCARA’O! este Fontova! El video es del ano pasado!….pero parece que se le olvido hacer un post cuando primero salio!!!)
(Dis stuff happened last year, amigos.)

6 thoughts on “(You folks) “Don’t know much about history,” Babalusian tells Toronto’s School Board on Canadian TV”

  1. I think the reason why men like Oliver Stone and Sean Penn are so enamored with Che,Fidel and Chavez is because deep down inside they despise this country and want to romanticize with those that hate this country too! They sure love the money and lifestyle this country offers though!

    Humberto, loved the video interview with Sun News. Great Job man!

  2. If only a third, a fourth, even a fifth of the Che-related horrors documented in Fontova’s Che book would be heeded, the Che myth would come crashing down and crumble–but it won’t, at least not any time soon. There’s been too much sustained PC marketing, there are too many vested interests and reputations to protect, and too many faces to save from looking ridiculous, if not contemptible. Nobody likes to give up a cherished fantasy or look like a fool or an opportunistic liar, and nobody wants to give “those people” the satisfaction. Still, the cracks are showing and getting bigger, and we all have to do whatever we can to expose and denounce this alien bastard for what he truly was and truly did. We owe it to Cuba, to ourselves and to the truth. The lies have held sway for far too long.

  3. That was part of the appeal, Honey, the hirsute, unkempt, unwashed, “counterculture” business. One can easily see how first-world leftists would eat that up, but it should have raised major red flags (no pun intended) in late 1950s Cuba. It’s hard to tell to what extent Cubans were infantile and to what extent they were just stupid.

  4. Amiga Honey, Thanks for the tip. No entire book–but I did devote an entire chapter of the Longest Romance to this “hippie” issue. (“Castro’s Revolution of Youth” p. 83)

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