Apotheosis of Chavez proclaimed by Maduro: Christ became incarnate in Hugo

Si, si...me lo dijo Hugo, y esta vez sin el pajarito, desde alla arriba....desde hoy en adelante llamame "Cristo" y pa' alante....
Si, si…me lo dijo Hugo, y esta vez sin el pajarito, desde alla arriba en el cielo…. llamame “Cristo” y pa’ alante….y mata a los que lo niegen….

Debate: are the following statements true or false?:

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

If a person of severely limited intelligence blasphemes, is it really blasphemy?

Saddam Hussein look-alike and wannabe Nicolas Maduro went to extremes yesterday, suddenly turning into a prophet and theologian.  Some might say he blasphemed, but there is always that nagging question in such cases: can someone who is thought-impaired or rationally-challenged ever really blaspheme?

“Christ the Redeemer became flesh, nerves, and truth in Chavez,” he said. («Cristo redentor se hizo carne, se hizo nervio, se hizo verdad en Chávez»). Yes, he said it: Jesus Christ was reincarnated in Chavez.

“Just like he who is called the Son of God, Chavez came to protect those who have nothing.”

The remarks were made at Chavez’s tomb, which Maduro and his brain trust visited yesterday, exactly five months since the death of Hugo Chavez. The event was broadcast in its entirety on Venenozuelan television and radio.

The dictator-turned-theologian droned on:

“In the encounter he had with this world, Chavez took on the values of Christ and he embodied with sincerity of heart the values of our Redeemer, the Christ of the poor, the Christ of the humble, he who came to protect those who have nothing.”

Referring to the death of Chavez as “a slap in the face by life itself,” Maduro hinted that Chavez might rise from the dead. “Chavez lives,” he said, cryptically, as all true prophets are wont to do.

Whether this revelation will cause theological wrangling among the  Chavista intelligentsia and the hoi polloi remains to be seen.  A likely point of controversy:  Did Maduro imply that Chavez was homoousios with Christ (consubstantial, of the same nature), or did he mean to say homoiousios (of a similar nature)  instead?   That little “i” in the middle of the word means a whole lot: is he exactly the same, or just similar to Christ?  Is he fully divine or just sort of divine? (Greek: homo = the same; homoi = similar; ousia =essence).  That iota  in the Greek terminology tore the Church apart in the fourth and fifth centuries, during the Arian controversy (and gave rise to the expression, “arguing over an iota.”)   Are we facing a similar crisis now?  Will it divide Latrine America?  Could it lead to schisms within ALBA?

For more on Maduro’s Christological buffoonery (in Spanish), go HERE.

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