The Council on Foreign Relations’ Julia Sweig pushes for stronger sanctions against American deer-hunters (but lifted from Terror-Sponsoring Cuba)

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The CFR’s Julia Sweig (on far right of 1st pic) pictured in Cuba with friend. “We shook hands,” writes Jeffrey Goldberg(on far left) about meeting Fidel Castro. “Then he greeted Julia warmly. They (Castro and Sweig) have known each other for more than twenty years.”

Seems that famous Cuba Expert Julia “Sistah Cleo” Sweig fervently wishes: “….that the United States fulfill its shared responsibility for regional security.” (you read right)

And that: “the U.S. make clear to Latin American nations that: (we) can be a legitimate partner in combating transnational crime.” (you read right again)

As most Babalusians know, Ms Sweig strongly advocates that Castro’s (who came closest to starting a worldwide nuclear war, helped train, arm and otherwise succor virtually every terrorist group on earth, and was recently nabbed trying to ship illegal arms to North Korea)–that this regime be ceremoniously removed from the U.S. State Dept. list of terror-sponsors. And now, since she claims that many U.S. manufactured guns are getting into the hands of Latin American drug gangs, here’s her recommendation for “regional security” as published by the CFR last week:

“The White House should back state and local legislation, in Maryland and Connecticut, which ban the sale of assault rifles (actually: semi-automatic deer-hunting rifles) and high-capacity magazines, broaden existing background check requirements for firearms purchases, and modernize gun-owner registries by requiring, among others, that buyers submit their fingerprints when applying for a gun license.”

In brief: dangerous crackpots like Ted Nugent, Humberto Fontova and their ilk need to be fingerprinted by the U.S. Federal government –(but Raul and Fidel Castro need to be subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer.)

Much more interesting is how, in her book “Inside the Cuban Revolution” Ms Sweig proudly acknowledges the partnership in her work of 6 different KGB-trained Cuban spies. Two of these KGB-trained terrorists who partnered with Ms Sweig (this born-again advocate of “regional security”) for her book were arrested for plotting to blow up Macy’s, Gimbel’s and Bloomingdale’s and Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal during Black Friday shopping hours.

This New York bomb plot was made into a BOMBSHELL!!! special on Glenn Beck TV seen here.

From Sweig’s book:

“In Cuba many people spent long hours with me, helped open doors I could not have pushed through myself, and offered friendship and warmth to myself during research trips to the island…Elsa Montero and Jose Gomez Abad championed this project.”

Sounds like a “crackpot tin-foil” allegation by a “crackpot Babalusian,” I know. So as proof–and from none other than The New York Times! circa nov. 17th 1962.–here’s Ms Sweig’s “warm friends:”


In brief: To enhance “regional security” and reduce “transnational crime,” the CFR’s Julia Sweig advocates a two pronged strategy:

1.) That the U.S. President do everything possible to subsidize the regime that came closest to (twice) incinerating thousands of Americans and helped and train every terrorist group in the Western Hemipshere (among many others.)

2.) That the U.S. President make it harder for American citizens to buy deer-hunting rifles.

You simply CANNOT make this stuff up. So here’s her entire CFR paper.

As mentioned in a BOMBSHEL!!! and spanking new book:

“I haven’t checked Guinness, but effusively thanking the warm support of 6 different spies working for a Terror-Sponsoring enemy nation in your book’s acknowledgements– three of whom were expelled from the U.S. for terrorism and/or espionage– must be some kind of record, at least for someone outside a U.S. maximum-security federal prison.”


(Pero fijense que tipo MAS DESCARA’O!!! este Fontova!…cuela este post–mas que nada–para colar su foto del GRAN CAZADOR!…del MACHO-MACHO-MAN! pero que tipo mas CHUSMA y PESA’O!”

7 thoughts on “The Council on Foreign Relations’ Julia Sweig pushes for stronger sanctions against American deer-hunters (but lifted from Terror-Sponsoring Cuba)”

  1. “Then [Fidel] greeted Julia warmly. They have known each other for more than twenty years.” Forget the indecency of that statement for a moment and substitute Pinochet or Botha for Fidel. Would Sweig ever have gotten anywhere as a Chile or South Africa “expert” if she’d been on such terms with either figure? NO. She would have been scorned, just as Gabriel García Márquez would have been scorned if he’d been best buddies with a right-wing despot instead of with Fidel Castro.

    But again, Cuba is, you know, different. Apparently, it deserves interminable totalitarian tyranny. After all, Castro, Inc. provides “free” health care, of sorts, and “free” education, heavily laced with political indoctrination, and just because Cubans have to give up their freedom and basic human right to get such “freebies” is no reason to nitpick. Little island people of color simply have to accept their assigned place and be grateful for what they get, such as it is.

  2. It’s beyond absurd, not to mention insulting, that anybody would buy someone like Sweig as a Cuba expert while ignoring real experts who are actually Cuban. Obviously, she can peddle her wares, such as they are, but she can’t make supposedly serious and responsible people take her seriously. If they do, or pretend they do, that’s their fault and their shame, not hers.

    The problem is that the whole Cuba business is like a great big game which allows endless bullshit, because most of the players involved are full of it. The BS is so pervasive and entrenched that it doesn’t even have to be subtle or especially convincing; it’s simply the norm and accepted as such. “Those people” are either ignored, dismissed or marginalized, so as not to spoil the game or upset the applecart. It’s an amazing denial of reality and a brazen mockery of truth, but the game goes on.

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