Three more Cuban athletes defect from Castro slave teams

It appears to be happening on an almost regular basis now: Cuban athletes who are members of the Castro slave teams are defecting the moment they have an opportunity. This in spite of the incredibly wonderful “reforms” of the magnanimous Castro dictatorship that according to the press and “Cuba Experts,” makes life on Cuba’s island-prison paradise even more attractive.

Via El Nuevo Herald (my translation):

Cuban baseball player José Dariel Abreu defects

José Dariel Abreu, one of the best baseball players of his generation, has defected and is now in some Caribbean nation. This information was confirmed to El Nuevo Herald by at least two of the most veteran agents who represent players from the Caribbean’s largest island.

Although various reports have him in the Dominican Republic and others in Haiti, what is certain is that his current location has not been confirmed. However, it appears he has already been in contact with agents who are looking to represent Cuban players as the first step in obtaining free agency and a million-dollar contract with a major league baseball team.

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Via Café Fuerte (my translation):

Two Cuban women’s softball players defect in Puerto Rico
Lisbet García

The Organization Committee of the Pan American Classic has declared that two players from Cuba’s women’s softball team have defected in Puerto Rico.

Pitcher Lisbet García and first base player Yarisleidi Casanova escaped from the team during the “Paco Reyes” Cup competition in Guaynabo, a tournament that precedes the VIII Pan American Classic of Women’s Softball that kicked off this past Saturday in that Puerto Rican city.

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