Cubanization of Caracastan about to intensify

nicolas maduro con sombrero típico

Maduro el Tartamudo Bigotudo aims for a Castro-style power grab

ABC Spain reports:

Reason-and-language-challenged Venenozuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro — who can’t tell the difference between the flags of Cuba and Puerto Rico — announced yesterday that he is asking the National Assembly to grant him special powers to combat corruption.

No mention was made of the ghost-bird of Chavez…. or of where the inspiration for such a move could have come from.

No doubt about it, those Castronoid Cuban advisers in the Miraflores Palace have found themselves a very obedient puppet.

“As head of state, I am asking for special powers and declaring a national emergency in our struggle against corruption,” said Maduro in Caracas.

Maduro provided few details, but warned that he will move forward with “a process of reforming our laws,” which will “harden the text of the constitution” and allow “a profound combat against corruption.”

“We are going to do it..We can’t lower our guard, no one can lower their guard, because those who conspire against our fatherland never lower their guard,” said the Saddam Hussein look-alike.

Emphasizing that the corruption that needs to be fought against can be found only among his opponents, Maduro thundered: “Those who lead the Venezuelan right are totally rotten, from a human and ethical point of view.”

“You need to pay attention to what will happen over the next few days,” he warned.

Yeah. Better pay attention, everyone, especially down there in Caracastan. Read up on Cuban history, especially the years 1959-1962. When corruption can be found only among those who oppose the government, and that government wages war against corruption, what you are left with at the end of the war is a totalitarian nightmare.

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