Cuba: Castro State Security threatens wife of imprisoned dissident rapper

If Cuba’s political prisons had cognac and fine cigars, Jay-Z and Beyonce would have been all over this…

Via Pedazos de la Isla:

Wife of jailed dissident rapper threatened by State Security


Yudisbel Roseyo Mojena, wife of Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga “El Critico”, dissident rapper who has been unjustly imprisoned since March in Las Mangas Prison of Bayamo, has not stopped publishing denouncements made by the young musician.  Apparently, for this reason Cuban State Security is constantly watching her.

Recently, on August 13th 2013, when the State celebrated the birthday of dictator Fidel Castro, police forces set up a cordon around Roseyo’s home.

Since the night of the 12th, I was under extreme vigilance all around my home.  This was carried out by State Security and the National Revolutionary Police“, recounts the young Bayamo native, “wherever I would go they would follow me, despite the fact that I was carrying my 6 month old child“.

The agents did not only follow her, but they also confronted her and threatened her.  ”One State Security agents told me that if i kept up my position against the regime they were going to take my son away from me and put him in a Juvenile Center and he also said that they would easily arrest me with or without my child“.

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