Cuban opposition leader Antúnez addresses Cuban Youth Leaders in Miami

Via Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Cuban Dissident Antúnez Addresses Cuban Youth Leaders

Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez” addressed the first U.S. – Cuba Democracy PAC Young Leaders Group Happy Hour on August 14, 2013. Below is a video excerpt of his remarks.

2 thoughts on “Cuban opposition leader Antúnez addresses Cuban Youth Leaders in Miami”

  1. Oh, please. Those aren’t real Cubans. Real Cubans are old batistiano racists. Oh, wait, Batista was of mixed race. Well, they’re still too young to be Cubans. I mean , Oliphant should know.

  2. A smart, worthy, and sincere man with a lot of human quality, love for his nation, and a lot to expose. This one doesn’t talk crap and that’s why he served decades in jail. Do I need to mention names?

    But of course, he serves no leftist agenda and he is a black man born inside the robillusion who, as a result, can’t be accused of “racist capitalist” nor “Batistiano” under the stupid and long outdated Castroid rhetoric regarding a president who simply robbed an election to serve a mere six year term withing a capitalist and civic society.

    Granted, Batista would have been totally unknown by now outside of Cuba had it not been for Castro’s 24/7 bullshit propaganda. At the end, despite his corruption and unorthodoxy Batista gave Cuba six years that attracted immigration, stimulated economic development, and gave Cuba far more than Castro’s 54 years of unpardonable/aberrational destruction and mass exile. The likes of CNN will run away from Antúnez like the plague and with script in hand.

    Imagine, Castro can’t accuse Antúnez of being a mafioso, exploitative monopolist, and a privileged rich boy aided by the CIA to betray the fatherland; oh wait, that is Castro himself.

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