Wealthiest Cubans and Castro–“Same as it Ever Was…Same as it Ever Was!”

From Today’s Miami Herald:

“One of the Fanjul brothers, Alfy, whose sugar empire in Cuba was expropriated by Fidel Castro and whose exile remake extends from Florida to Santo Domingo, has met in Havana with Cuban officials who want to engage exiles, according to media reports….Miami businessman Carlos Saladrigas has openly said he has investors ready to help fund the cuentapropistas, the new class of entrepreneur the Cuban government has licensed, with millions in micro-loans.”

Pepe-Emilia-Fanjul-Alfo3551_cuba_studygroupinterior1 (Fanjul Brothers on Left; Carlos Saladrigas on right)

I now call your attention to some of the The Cuba Study Group’s eminent members:


I now call your attention to some of the Cuba Study Groups eminent “Experts” (their term!)

Arturo Lopez-Levy, Marifeli Perez-Stable, Phil Peters, Julia Sweig and more.

A HIDEOUSLY(!!!) Politically IN-Correct new book by the publishers who also happen to publish the works of such as Judge Robert Bork, Prof. Thomas Sowell, Amb. John Bolton, Jean Francois Revel, etc. expose these “experts” as perhaps operating under other than purely scholarly motives. This book also rebutts (with full-documentation) the “expertise” of many of the media’s eminent Cuba “experts” To wit:

From the eminently respectable The Atlantic magazine, by Julia Sweig’s friend and CFR cohort Jeffrey Goldberg: “Batista, was a friend only to a handful of oligarchs and American mafia leaders.”

Front page news for these eminently “educated, respectable and influential” U.S. Cuba “experts”: Cuba’s oligarchy in fact denied Fulgencio Batista admittance into their Havana Yacht Club and largely bankrolled his violent overthrow. From Cuba’s richest man, sugar magnate Julio Lobo, to Pepin Bosch of the Bacardi dynasty, and hundreds of oligarchs in-between, Castro’s July 26 Movement was funded by the very people the learned Mr Goldberg (Julia Sweig’s friend) claims were Batista’s “friends.”

(Top: Julio Lobo, Bottom: Jose “Pepin” Bosch.)

Oh…I know..I know..You’re supposed to “hush-hush!” this kinda stuff ’cause these wealthy Cuban folks are still VERY influential in many circles–especially the politically-CORRECT ones. If not–you can be branded a Chusma!!!“…but again I ask you? Does dis guy look like a “CHUSMA!!!” to you?!:


(H/T–as usual–To Professor Tony DeLaCova for historic pics)

4 thoughts on “Wealthiest Cubans and Castro–<em>“Same as it Ever Was…Same as it Ever Was!” </em>”

  1. When Waiting for Snow in Havana was discussed in one group I was a part of, I was pleased to see that it was accepted that Communism was bad. The group is all liberal so I thought that was progress.
    I was happy too soon. At the end of the discussion the leader saved her best question for last and spoiled it all. She asked, “This is a book written by a well to do person. How would it be different if it were written by someone poor, say the maid?” I was devastated and upset. They reduced a brilliant book to merely being about people who are losing money and resented that.
    Same in another discussion. They trivialized the events in the book and made it merely about self interest.
    I despair.

  2. Oooh, salmon ensemble. Are those pants leather? They look like b-u-t-t-a-h. Oooh, thin. But why is the face on the Mrs. so tight and mask-like? Oooh, suntan. George Hamilton, eat your heart out. Oh, yeah, Cuba can depend on these people, alright, just like it could depend on Lobo, Bosch and company. They can always say, after the fact, that they were “deceived” or “misled” but had only the best intentions, and THEN they can be publicly anti whatever they previously enabled. I’m so impressed I can barely stand it.

    I think they, like their predecessors, are so vain and self-important that they not only want to be big players but STILL think they can outfox and manipulate Castro & Co. It’d be pitiful if it weren’t so pathetic. It’s Lenin and the damn rope all over again. I’m telling you, one of these days I’m going to run out of contempt. There’s way too much call for it.

  3. This is called lack of dignity and lack of class, neither of which is a function of money but of character.

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