The CIA was “ECSTATIC!” with Fidel Castro’s grasp of the dangers of Communism

I SWEAR I am not making this up. I’m quoting former U.S. ambassador to Cuba (59-60) Phil Bonsal regarding Fidel Castro’s visit to Washington D.C. in April 1959:

“Castro’s need to be warned of the menace of International Communist plots and conspiracies was not neglected by the CIA. A friendly, persuasive and fluently Spanish-speaking representative of the agency who had an opportunity of speaking with the Cuban Prime Minister for over an hour emerged in a state of ecstacy regarding Castro’s receptivity responsiveness and understanding. A channel was established through which Castro might be kept up to date (by the CIA!!! these master sleuths!) as to the intentions of Moscow and Peking.”

On the visit Castro also met Vice President Nixon who ( like much of the Old Right) regarded the CIA as “full of Ivy League liberal eggheads.” Nixon almost immediately sussed Fidel Castro. Shortly after the short meeting he was already urging at least contingency plans against him. A bit later he became the “main booster” and administration “point-man” for what came to be known as the Bay of Pigs. Below Tricky-Dick recounts the CIA’s early estimate of Castro to some friends:

The gentleman below also react to the CIA’s (the most lavishly funded intelligence agency in the history of man, employing the most highly-educated analysts) estimate of Fidel Castro:


But as usual, the one laughing loudest:

2 thoughts on “The CIA was “ECSTATIC!” with Fidel Castro’s grasp of the dangers of Communism”

  1. “In a state of ecstasy”? WTF? This is a professional diplomat talking? Even if Castro hadn’t completely fooled the pitiful CIA idiot, what the hell was Bonsal on? Spanish fly? Unreal.

  2. And remember it is Nixon we were supposed to hate because he was nothing but a scare mongering rabid anti communist.

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