Jihadist Army major guilty of “workplace violence” on all counts.



Yep, Major Jihad was found guilty of murder on all counts, and also of injuring many that he couldn’t shoot fatally, as he hoped to do, in the name of his tribal religion.  But the Obama administration is still calling it “workplace violence.”

Same kind of Orwellian semantic games played by totalitarian cretins everywhere, including the Castro Kingdom.

The defense team for the families of the victims issued this statement:

“Today’s guilty verdict, rendered almost four years after the attack, is only a first, small step down the path of justice for the victims.

In light of this verdict, we again call on DOD and DOJ to stop their cynical “workplace violence” charade – a charade carried on despite Hasan’s confessions and the mountain of evidence demonstrating that the attack was the work of an Islamic jihadist, working on behalf of al-Qaeda, who killed Americans for his “brothers” in the Middle East – and to stop denying the Fort Hood victims the Purple Hearts and medical and other benefits to which they are rightfully due. We call on Congress and the Executive Branch to fairly compensate the Fort Hood terror victims, in all respects, as the 9/11 Pentagon attack victims were compensated. And, we call on the government, finally, to accept responsibility for the harm done by its political correctness, spin and cover-up and to provide the victims and the American people with the truth, decency and accountability that they deserve.

The terrorist Hasan’s conviction and sentencing is only the beginning, not the end of this story. Justice for the victims of Fort Hood will be done only when the government admits its mistakes, keeps its promises to ‘make the victims whole’ and comes clean about Fort Hood. The victims, and the American people, are owed nothing less.”

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5 thoughts on “Jihadist Army major guilty of “workplace violence” on all counts.”

  1. Just one more reason Obama is a disgrace as president.
    Nidal Hasan, because of Obama’s disgusting refusal to call this an act of terrorism, gets to keep his back pay and those he killed do not get any compensation as victims of a terrorist act.

    The list goes and on. What is it going to take to make Americans angry at this president? What is it going to take to keep Hillary out of the running? What is it going to take to make 2014 rival 2010 as the biggest Republican sweep ever? And the new members elected must be Tea Party, Club for Growth people. No more compromising with progressives rinos.

  2. I have a co-worker at my office who is Muslim and she proudly told me that Obama is a Muslim man. She told me about the power of Allah and how he was able to manuver to get a Muslim man in the White House. I’ve met quite a few Muslims that have the perception that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is some type of crypto-Muslim. Certainly, actions like this sort of point towards that’s direction. Nothing about this president would surprise me.

  3. Whether Obama is a Muslim, Muslim sympathizer, Muslim appeaser or a dangerous idiot who doesn’t get the Muslim threat and/or doesn’t know how to deal with it effectively, he obviously has NO business as POTUS. This was clear enough in 2008 and beyond clear in 2012. Any and all harm due to ignoring the obvious is squarely the fault and responsibility of those who ignored it and persist in doing so. Once again, I don’t have a problem with Obama, but I have HUGE problems with his enablers.

  4. What if a white soldier went on a killing spree of black ones yelling “White power!” at the top of his lungs? Would that have been “workplace violence”? No need to answer, since we all know the drill. Unfortunately, as long as the usual suspects refuse to admit the emperor is naked, he’ll keep acting like the world’s best-dressed man. Yes, it’s disgusting, but Obama is the effect, not the cause.

  5. More importantly what if the murdering soldier left a video claiming he was doing it because he hated his country’s involvement in wars against Muslims whom he loves. He would then be behaving like an enemy agent while his country is sending military into harm’s way to fight Islamists. In other words what would it take for the president to call the murders act of war?

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