The Cuban Sugar Missile Crisis: UN officials to visit Havana

Finally, we will get to the bottom of this very troubling scandal. Not…

Via The Miami Herald:

UN experts expect to travel to Havana to clarify North Korean ship issue

United Nations experts who inspected the North Korean boat that was detained by Panamanian authorities for carrying undeclared Cuban weapons submitted a preliminary confidential report to the Security Council Friday and are awaiting an invitation from Cuba to visit the island.

The experts hope Cuba will not take long to give a response since Panama is dependent on a U.N. decision before taking any action on the future of the boat and its crew of 35 who are under Panamanian custody.

The experts returned Aug. 16 from Panama, where they inspected the boat for three days and spoke to the crew.

After inspecting the boat, the next step would be to ask Cuba a series of questions about the case — hopefully in person in Havana — before issuing a final report on North Korea’s possible violation of the U.N.’s arms embargo.

The report would include conclusions and possible recommendations to the U.N. sanctions-monitoring committee that oversees sanctions against North Korea. All 15 members of the Security Council are part of this committee.

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